40 + 5 and baby's head not engaged

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JDD Posts: 1316
Hi girls i'm overdue by a couple of days. That doesn't bother me too much, but at my last midwife appointment two days ago the midwife said that the baby's head was "floating" and had yet to drop. This is my first baby. Has this happened to anyone else on their first? Did you go into labour naturally or have to be induced? Was it any indication that you had a small pelvis and therefore make labour more difficult? I can't imagine that i have a small pelvis as i've always had wide hips. I've been doing some yoga exercises to try and open my pelvis but i don't know how much good it's doing. i even went to a chiropractor last Tuesday who did a few adjustments but it appears to no avail. The midwife suggested acupuncture- now i'm open to some alternate therapies but i just think acupuncture is a load of bunkem. Am i being too judgmental? I'll do whatever needs to be done at this stage.
purplemammy Posts: 31
Hi JDD, This happened to me on my litte man who was my first, at 40+3 his head hadnt engaged and i was booked into be induced the following week at 40+10 but the night before I went myself and he arrived v quick!! Best of luck O:o)
pag Posts: 633
Not a professional but I didn't think baby had to have engaged before labour started. I went to labour at 40+3 and baby was still -2/5 so wasn't fully engaged at all. Plus in subsequent pregnancies it is quite normal not to have head engage until labour. I would have thought that baby dropping and engaging could happen very quickly. If you are trying to get labour started yu could try- long walks, bouncing on ball, avoiding sitting on couch /couch, dtd, curry, romatic evening with partner (just to relax) . I have heard acupuncture and reflexology could potentially assist start and have friends who swear it was the reason they started labour when they did. Best of luck and I'm sure you will have your little bundle soon enough.
ructions Posts: 2689
I had a consultant's appointment at 38+5 and she said baby's head wasn't engaged. I went into labour myself two days later!
almighty angel Posts: 281
At 40+4 my son was born, head was not engaged before labour so don't worry!
JDD Posts: 1316
Thanks guys, that makes me feel a lot better. It's a pity in a way because they can't do a sweep to see if they can get things moving because of the risk they'd break the waters by mistake and the cord would prolapse. I guess I'll just have to trust that labour will start by itself. Pag, I had a curry last night, bounced on the ball, and have a cup of raspberry leaf tea in front of me at the moment. If there's still no sign by next Tuesday I might just succumb to the acupuncture.
summersurprise Posts: 1276
When I had my DD in May '11 I was told by one Dr baby was engaged at 40 wks & at 41 wks a Dr said baby wasnt, I went into labour myself, she wasnt fully engaged either at that stage (41+3) but came down throughout the day, I did end up having an emerg section in the end as she went into distress minutes before being born. Bouncing on the ball and walking are the best things they reckon to do the job, it does only take 12 hrs for babys head to engage once it starts moving downwards. Best of luck! :xox