40 week check up at cumh

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honeymoon baby Posts: 270
Hi Ladies I have my 40 week check up on tuesday at cumh , ill be 40w +1. Im just wondering what happens at this appointment, is it the normal clinic and a quick scan or do they do a more detailed check up (sweep or internal) :-8
bride2be14 Posts: 99
They may do another sweet and check to see how the head is position. They will not let you go more than 11 days over so if you dont go by then they will induce you. I hope all goes well :babydust: Good luck :)
wifetob Posts: 936
My last clinic apt I was 40+4 - I specifically asked for ther sweep and she did it. She did a detailed exam and told me I was effaced and would not need a gel if I needed to be induced. She also organised by induction for the following Monday when i would have been 40+9. Thankfully I went myself over the week-end and DS arrived at 40+8. Best of luck. It's such an exciting time. It really could happen any minute :wv