41 +1, head not engaged

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sugarandspice Posts: 2378
As the title says, 1st pregnancy 41 +1. Saw consultant 2 days ago, head not at all engaged, still floating. Going in Monday morning for admission, hopefully induction, will be 11 days over. However if head still not dropped doc said induction would be long and painful, and a section would prob be the best thing. Hadnt ever entered my mind all along that I'd end up having a section :o( However I'm thinking at this stage it's very very unlikely that head will engage, particularly in first pregnancy. Has any one else been in the same position?
Luka Posts: 1904
Hi Sugarandspice. Ok firstly, congrats on your pregnancy! Well, sometimes there is a reason the baby's head won't engage, on my DS his head didn't engage as it was up under my right arm! Transverse Lie is the most unusual position for a baby to be in & my DS managed it! Being honest, the section was fine. The recovery might be a little slower, but knowing your baby is alright is the most important thing. IN one way, having a section, you are in & out in a hour, whereas labour could go on much longer. Now as your baby is head down, it might engage, & if it does, then great, but you might need to prepare yourself for a section, if they are mentioning it to you, it's because they know best xx If you need any section info, just ask!
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Thanks a million Luka. Yeah it's better to be prepared for the possibility now. At least the consultant is considering a planned section as opposed to having a long labour which doesn't progress and ending up in emergency section. It's not so much the section itself that's bothers me, it's the recovery afterwards. Also afraid that if I'm sore and in bad form that it'll hamper my plans to breastfeeding. But sure plenty of women have been in the same situation!
Luka Posts: 1904
Well I was back driving after 3 weeks, my GP okayed me & Zurich were fine with that, so just to say that it's not necessarily 6 weeks that you would have to wait. A planned section is good, mine was straightforward really. A woman who was due when my DS was, she went thru labour, which stalled & she had to be put out completely for an emergency section, as the baby had to be pulled back up the birth canal, but her case was that labour just failed to progress. I was glad that mine was planned, although I only had 2 hours notice as it was supposed to be later in the week, but the head clinician was on & didn't like that I was getting pressure pain so next thing I was being gowned up! They really know what they are doing & baby is in the safest hands. I had 8 people around me in theatre & my DH in his green scrubs :o0 I didn't breastfeed myself, but I don't thing having a section makes a big difference, I know the milk is slower to come in,but the colostrum would be there. you could voice your concerns on that to your gynae. Best of luck & keep us posted!
wardrobe Posts: 268
hey hun i had my ds 3 weeks ago by c section after a failed induction ....i had him 10 days early due to high bp ...got three doses of the gel which i found quite painful as i was not favourable at all ...when ds was born my gynae said section was best way to go as his head wasnt properly in my pelvis and had i gone into labour id never have gotten him out naturally so wud have ended up in section anyway ..she gave me choice really when induction wasnt progressing if i just wanted to go for section and im glad i did .
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Thanks ladies. You're right wardrobe, way better to plan a section than have a very difficult labour ending in section. Now afraid of going into labour naturally over the wkend cos i don't feel like babs has dropped! Consultant said she's on this wkend anyway so that's reassuring.
zoey Posts: 1574
Hi sugarandspice, You must be climbing the walls at this stage - pregnancy is long enough without going over. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I had two sections, one emergency and one planned, and it didn't seem to affect breastfeeding at all. Just let your midwife know that you intend to bf as soon as you can after the birth. Best of luck in the coming days - I bet you can't wait to meet your baby :lvs