42 days since last period

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Roni Posts: 70
Hi girls, Please can someone offer some advise to me. Its been 42 days today since the first day of my last period. Im definately not pregnant as ive done two first response preg tests and one clear blue preg test. I had a miscarriage and d+c on 4th march. My cycle is probably messed up. Have any of you heard that Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to help regulate the menstrual cycle? If so, do you think it would interfere with trying to get pregnant? Im really worried, i rang my doctor, he said if i dont get a period in 7 days to come into him. I just wish my period would come so i could get back to trying to get pregnant.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
Roni sorry to hear about msc, was in the same boat as you two months ago, hope your taking care of yourself. i was the same it took a while for my AF to come back, still is a bit messed up at mo.
jessica Posts: 118
I have never got regular periods, sometimes 2 or 3 months between them. There are a couple of things that you can use that will bring on a period. Most are not nice. But... Evening primrose works, but does take time. If you are using this method, I would also include a lot of raspberry tea. And as far as I can remember evening primrose does not effect the baby if you do conceive. But raspberry tea, may do. Others are Black Cohost or Blue Cohosh - these are taken orally and can be purchase at a health food shop. The other is Pennyroyal oil... I am not sure if this can be brought in Ireland. I do know you can get the stuff to make tea out of it. This is the worst tasting stuff in the world, but works the best. A few drops in orange juice, 3 or 4 times a day, and then rubbing some into my stomach, for a about 3 days tends to do the trick. The only advise is to make 100% sure you are not pregnant before using any of the other methods. It causes miscarrage. But does not effect the ability to conceive within a day after using it (ie it doesn't stay in the body) Apparently there are some foods that can aslo be used to ensure more regularity in periods. The one that I rememeber (cause I like it the least) is eggplant (aubergine).
tasket Posts: 306
Hi Roni, Evening primrose oil does help to regulate the menstrual cycle (I used to take it to alleviate PMT and it was brilliant), but if TTC they recommend that you only take it from menstruation to ovulation (ie, the first 2 weeks or so of of your cycle). This is because it can cause uterine contractions so is not recommended if you may have conceived. When taken during the 1st part of your cycle, it does help to increase the quality of fertile cervical mucus you produce, so it might be worth a try for you, both for cycle regulation and for the fertility-aiding aspect. More info: Have you tried charting or OPKs to determine if you're ovulating - this would help you to figure out what's going on with your cycle - a possible reason for long cycles is that you're not ovulating. Fingers crossed for you!
Roni Posts: 70
Thank you all so much for your advise. I will try the evening primrose girls.