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kersnuffles Posts: 63
Hi - does anyone know where you can get this done in Dublin and approximately how much it costs?
seabride Posts: 137
I got mine done across the road from Mount Carmel. think it cost €150 ???
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Ive heard great reports from Ultrasound Dimensions (you can google them they have a website) and its 195 for the 3d/4d scan with black n white pics, colour ones and a 15 minute dvd Im going when I get to about 26 weeks!
lilyprimrose Posts: 15
Got a 3D4D scan on my first dd, and going back in a few weeks for my second beanie, so excited! Going to Babyscan in the plaza clinic in Swords. Can't reccomend it enough. The radiographer was so nice, took lots of time pointing everything out to us. The scan is up on a massive plasma screen and its amazing how much you can see, dd1 was the image of me as a baby and lo and behold she is a little mini me now! Had to go and take a walk and a fizzy drink half way through as baby wasn't in the right position, but the girl wouldn't let us leave with out perfect pictures, she really went the extra mile. She even said that if babs was crossing its legs (wasn't thankfully), we could come back another time for free to check the sex again. Going to bring dd1 along to the scan this time so she can see whats in mummy's belly! Babyscan have another clinic in Rathgar/Dundrum area which is run by Paula Tunney, who was the first in Ireland to do the scans, how I found them in the first place. Cost €200 and worth every last cent!
Duncelt Posts: 460
Also went to Babyscan in Swords - it was €200 - delighted with it.
ali08 Posts: 121
i got mine done in Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock at 27 weeks and it cost 200 euro it was money well spent it was fantastic. It lasted for approx 30 mins and we got to see our son suck his thumb and yawn and we could also see that he was the image of his dad which was unbelieveable. you recieve a dvd and photos i would highly recommend it. Enjoy!!
kersnuffles Posts: 63
Thanks girls. will arrange this once doctor has all confirmed :thnk
minty08 Posts: 89
can you get this done in cork or is it only available in dublin?
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Sounds weird but do any of these clinics let you bring along other family members (apart from siblings of the bubs)? I would love to ask my folks to come along if we get one.
MaryJaneD Posts: 11
Haven't had one yet as only 12 weeks, but been doing all my research so I can budget for it well in advance! They sound absolutely amazing and I can't wait! The clinic i'm looking at going to is Babyscan in Swords, but I saw on their website that they have a sister clinic in Ballincollig, Cork minty08. And they said that there's no problem in bringing in guests/family members to the scan, the Swords clinic told me I could have three people apart from myself with me in the scan. Anyone who's had one please let us know how you got on!