5 weeks & no real symptoms

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Carriebr Posts: 13
Hi Girls I am looking for some reassurance really, i am 5 weeks pregnant after having a mc in Jan and still have no real symptoms except being tired in the afternoons, It was like this last time and i lost my bean at 7 weeks so i am bit of a nervous wreck, Was this the case for anyone else? Thanks
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
Carriebr, i am exactly the same as you! nearly 6 weeks and just a little bit tired. I am killed researching it and everything points to just thanking our lucky stars that the sickness hasnt arrived! Mind you, i took a hpt this morning just tobe sure! :-8 :-8
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Carrie... try not to worry at all, most of the time the sickness just kicks in after 7 weeks, and some girls are also lucky and donĀ“t experience any sickness at all.... Just be positive for your little bean :xxx
Carriebr Posts: 13
Hi Girls Thanks for taking the time to respond. Mrs Nearlythere i've bought more hpts in the last week than i did when i was ttc, Have two weeks till my early scan so hoping that after that i might relax, never got to heartbeat stage last time, Thanks Heavenleigh, i am praying i am one of the "lucky ones" this time.. Here's hoping all our Beans are sticky ones...
aylala Posts: 3673
Girls, I;m nearly 29 weeks and have had no real symptoms except a touch of sciatica 2 weeks ago, so I really hope you are the lucky few :wv