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michde Posts: 31
Hi all, so we have a 5 year old and I just don't know what to do with them. They are wired to the moon all the time, they seem to have endless energy, they are cheeky, won't listen, and just act up!!! Our lo absolutely goes wild when bedtime comes, its like they can't switch off at all. They could be jumping, shouting, calling, talking anything just to wind us up!!! It takes at least an hr for them to go asleep from time they get into bed. Its ridiculous.....During the day they are outside, running, playing, farming, inside playing, they watch some tv, but als on the go! Very little down time. I just don't know where our lo gets their energy from. So they have been going to bed at 8pm and its 9pm by the time they go asleep! They are getting up at 06.50!!!! Madness, we have tried bed at 7.30 still not asleep til 830! Same getting up at crack of dawn. They weren't als like this....could be bed at 8 and up at 7.30/8 which is fine. But my gosh. Are all 5 year old as wired, as energetic. What can we do please help with any advice you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its wearing us out. Even being cheeky.....we do time out with our lo, we take toys, we've banned programmes they like. What else can we do???
rosie_m Posts: 13
Hi! Full disclosure I'm not a parent but I lots of experience professionally and within my own extended family,but I realise this doesn't substitute parenting experience. I apologise in advance if you have tried any of this before. It sounds like you are trying all the right things and they are getting plenty of opportunities to run off their energy. What has worked for me is if bedtime is at 8, then the whole house starts to slow and quite down about an hour before hand. No tv,no phones, no energetic games. Giving them a breakout of the hour and a warning for when the TV is being turned off/wind down is starting helps also. Like "when the big hand is at xxx we will put away your toys/brush teeth etc.." giving them plenty of notice with a few reminders in between sometimes makes the process easier. In regards time out,it's a dirty word in childcare but in the home it can totally work. I looked after a relatives 5year old for a summer and I used time out. He was very energetic and couldn't stay put anywhere for very long. I used 5min time out,I would sit with him in my lap, gently holding him. The five mins didnt start until he stopped shouting/kicking etc.. Once I was there for 40mins!! But after that one 40mins it always just lasted 5. He knew I meant business​. I always sat with him,so it didn't feel like he was just being cast aside but rather time out was a space to calm down so he rejoin what activity we were doing,usually after the 5mins he would be a little more chilled out and his energy levels a bit more even. Also stick with your guns,you know your child better than anyone. What works for one child might not work for yours. Only you know that! It's the only little bit of advice I have. Like I said I'm not a parent and I take my hat off to ye all!!
michde Posts: 31
Thank you so much for your advice, yeah I am just lost with it all. I think our lo is actually v tired hence the acting up and hyper behaviour but I just don't know how to make our lo sleep then! Its a vicious circle really. :duh: I am going to maybe try the wind down before bedtime, we have been doing a story and then one of us would rub our lo for 5 mins then leave, but maybe we need to do more a wind down before that even!
marialouise Posts: 212
Also not a parent but another childminder here, I look after three kids from 5-11 (but have been with them from 3-9) and they have a great routine regarding bath time, no tv after dinner, teeth brushed together, pjs on, books read etc and that really settles everyone for the evening, [u:1ppwm78w]every[/u:1ppwm78w] evening. Having a routine is really important and I see them getting naturally sleepy at a certain time of the evening before I go home because they're so used to it. BUT! With me they are only allowed a treat every second day, so no chocolate on a Monday but yes on a Tuesday etc, and gosh they are bouncing off the walls on the days they have sweets instead of fruit. Is he maybe having a sugary snack too late in the evening, or having his dinner late which is giving him loads of energy? Those are just some ideas, I'm sure some parents will be able to offer advice and you're doing a great job already, just maybe keep a strict routine and remain calm! When you get excited about them acting up around bedtime it only feeds their naughtiness, just keep repeating the same actions of settling them, switching off the light or whatever, leaving. If they're up just stay calm, quietly put them back and just keep doing it until they get bored when they see it's not that funny....
michde Posts: 31
Thanks ladies, started to wind down earlier the last two nights now, we'll put away toys and then sit up in sunroom (no tvs in there) and read then toilet wash teeth and bed. I'll rub him for 5 mins then leave so far it has been alot more relaxed. Yesterday we brought him for sound therapy and he had a super nights sleep, wasn't up at all during the night and I'd to call him at 8 this morning!!!! Great, hopefully now we have turned a corner. Thanks again