6 month old with cough and runny nose

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excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
My nearly 6 month old has a cough and a cold and i am stressed out with it. im such a worrier and he is probably fine but i cant help jsut came on him yesterday with a runny nose and now today its worse and he has a cough with it - sounds sore enough, his temperature is between 36.8 and 37.2 and i gave him calpol. I am also using carvol and the nose sucker thing. im worried and wondering if he needs a doctor or what to do.
PixieMom Posts: 838
It's hard not to worry!!! How is he today? If the cough isn't chesty sounding then he might be okay as I don't think those temps are too high. We've had a variety of coughs in this house over the last 8 months and experience has told me that if it's chesty then it's worth seeing a doctor. If it sounds like its just a dry cough and the runny nose then keep doing what you're doing and hopefully you should see an improvement. But as my doctor always says when I turn up in her office and am almost embarrassed to be there again with my DD "they don't come with a manual and you're a first time Mum, we'd rather see you here with her than have you at home stressing about her"....of course she still takes the 50 quid off me every time but she's very nice about it :o0 So if you want to get him seen then just do it for your own peace of mind if nothing else :) I have found that the VHI nurseline is great (if you're DS is on VHI), not sure if the other health insurers provide a similar service but its a godsend!! Hope the little man is feeling better today...