6 weeks preg, pain

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi just wanted to ask a question, Im six and a half wks preg and yest and today, have pain in tummy like ive pulled a muscle or done too much in the gym? that kind of feeling?
susie05 Posts: 204
snuggler..hope yor ok hun..iv still pains like strecting ones and if i cough or snneze its tender.im taking it to be normal. But if your pain is constant than ring doc on call/nurseline to put your mind at ease & if they tell you to go to hos to get a wee check over than do pet.
Gingham Posts: 3014
hey snuggler....I get all sorts of pains and twinges.....I am at a stage now where I just take them as stretching pains....last night I was kinda crampy in my abdomen but thats gone now....a few days ago I had an awful pain on my right side, thats gone too. When I sneeze I feel like both sides of my abdomen are gonna explode.....I also get kinda pinching pains on and off... I am only gonna get worried if there so severe that I am doubled over and if I have any sort of spotting, which I havent TG... Try and not worry and just relax....Your uterus is strecthing at a huge rate at the moment and all around that area is going to be really tender. If you are really really worried go see ur doc but if i was you I would make yourself a cup of decaffenated tea and sit in the bed and get a magazine or something and relax
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Snuggler, I'm nearly six weeks pregnant and have mild cramps for the past four weeks. Last night they got a lot worse, I had such bad cramps I had to lie down and they kept me awake most of the night. I phoned my doctor today and she advised me to go into Holles Street. I went in and they did a scan and everything was fine. The doctor said it was probably just my uterous stretching and unless I get spotting or the pain gets a lot worse that there is nothing to worry about. Even now the cramps are quite bad, but it seems its quite normal.
Finished here Posts: 2860
Hey ya like the others said the aches pains and twinges in early pg come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and usually are normal. They are often to do with the stretching of the uterus. I hope everything is ok take care