6 Weeks pregnant (Swine Flu Injection or not ?)

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StylishB Posts: 143
Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant and really dont know what to do about getting the Swine Flu Injection - am nervous about getting it as I am only 6 weeks pregnant- what you gals doing and how far long would you be ??
Asscher Posts: 732
I am 14 weeks now and after a lot of thought I have decided against having the injection. That is just my personal decision though. I actually had appointment booked to get it and I cancelled it. There is just something in my gut telling me not to get it. I had my first hospital appointment yesterday and they asked had I had the injection. I said no and I was not planning on having it either. I had a chat with the midwife and they are for getting the injection. I asked in there any research into it I can read and she said no there is no research but loads of people have had it and the babies have been fine. It just was not enough to convince me though (again that is just my personal feeling on the matter). I have heard so many different conflicting things like doctors giving it straight away to pregnant women and others making them wait until passed the 16 weeks. There seems to be no across the board information. I am healthy and have no underlying health issues so this was part of my decision to not get it.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
As far as I was aware they would only give it to you once you were over the 13 weeks but now don't quote me as that was last year and I know they are doing a two in one vaccine this year. TBH I would ring your GP and ask or I am sure they will have that info on the HSE website. I didn't get it last time nor will I get it this time but it is down to each individual's choice HTH. My ex-childminder and the girl I sit next to in work both got it last year and I didn't catch it from them so I kinda figured that I must have had some sort of immunity (I had a really bad flu as a toddler so think that may be why) Best bet get a professional's advice I am sure there are also one or two nurses on here who could advise Good luck
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
i was listening to the last word yday and the doc on it said unlike last year the levels of mercury are slim to none in the batch this year, so unlike last year when you had to wait until week 16, you can now get it anytime during pregnancy. i got mine about 2 months ago, its a flu and swine jab in one.
Temperance Posts: 165
Just got it today - had said all along that I wouldn't get it but was at consultant yesterday and he said that if I saw the pregnant women coming into the hospital with it I would change my mind. Better to try and prevent getting the live virus.......LO has been moving loads since I got it so that's good. Agree with TAZ - The vaccine this year is different to last year. Last year there were a number of different vaccines and some had mercury in them. This years vaccine is a 3 in 1 vaccine - has two strains of Influenza and the Swine Flu. Also there is no mercury in it so it is recommended at all stages of pregnancy. While it's not what I wanted I'd never forgive myself if I got the flu as have heard that babs can react badly to the virus and their heart rate has to be monitored. Hope I've made the right decision but one thing I will say is that now that it's done and dusted I can forget about it. Have driven myself demented for weeks trying to justify not getting it.
june08mg Posts: 77
I was given it by my GP at 6 and 1/2 weeks. It's recommeded by the GP, HSE and consultants so that's good enough for me.
SparkleX Posts: 1057
I just got it today and I'm only 4 weeks pregnant. My doctor recommended it and I trust her. In my mind it's better to get it than not too. But I think everyone needs to make their own decision
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
As one of the posters above said.. if my maternity hosptial, GP and HSE website are saying to get it, then I trust them. When I was in getting it at lunch there were 4 other pregnant women in the waiting room waiting for the nurse, I suspect getting the vaccine too.
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Hi Girls Just to let you all know what my GP advised me - Was at the docs and she finally gave me the correct answer she told me that this year the flu vaccine incorporates the swine flu vaccine that ALL pregnant now should get this flu jab.... :wv
deem Posts: 710
Had a discussion with my sister yesterday about this very topic, she's a nurse in Tallaght and she thought I should get it. My Gp is or was in kinda two minds about it when I went for discussed it with her in October am now 32 weeks, She said that the swine and normal flu vaccine are now combined but when i asked her how its safe to get the combined flu vaccine this year when every other year i've nearly had to do a preg test to ensure not pg before get flu vaccine. I'm asthmatic so usually get the vaccine except for year pg with DD now 3 I'm still on the fence about this. she didnt convince me! Am going to discuss with consultant on tuesday