7 month dirty nappy only ever 2 days

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crybaby Posts: 60
HI My dd is 7 months, and only has a dirty nappy ever 2 or 3 days. She does not seem to be contispated, has soft belly, no prob doin dirty nappy and stools are always soft, even when she does have one. Her dirty nappies are never massive either. I am concerned, as i feel she should have one ever day, she has been pretty much likes this since she was born. She has been ff more or less from the start, started solids about 6 weeks ago, which she loves, not mad about her bottles at all, will only take about 15oz a day. I have included fruit in her diet, and it does not seem to have made any diff. I mentioned it to phn, and said some people are like that, and we irish are a obsessed with her bowels! Basically, I am just wondering does this sound normal, and anyone else have experience similar to this.
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
You are basically describing my DD!! She is almost 6 mths old, on solids around 2 months now and still only has bowel movements every other day or sometimes every 3 days. My DD was BF for the first 5 weeks, but had v v bad reflux so changed to Formula then, now she is on special formula for the reflux, basically her milk is like porridge, so a side effect of that is constipation. We were v worried about her around 9-10 weeks old becasue she was so constipated, the poor thing had to get enemas and everything (Awful for mammy and I'm sure worse for her!!) :-8 What made it worse was that when I asked the PH nurse, how often she should have been doing bowel movements, she said at least TWICE A DAY!!! We would have been lucky with twice a week!! :-8 :o0 But we brought her to a consultant paed in the Bons and she prescribed Ducolax for her, specifically because she was on this heavier milk. I was so worried about her but Consultant adv us that some babies and people are just not as regular as others. So my DD was not regular and now this heavier milk was making it worse. She did advise us that the Ducolax was supposed to be for adults, but when we got the bottle, it does say can be given to babies from 2 months. It is an unorthdox way of treating slower bowel movements in babies. But our DD was v bad, we used to have to help her pass her movements and they were huge, it was awful, so I owuld have tried anything!! TMI, v v solid and she would bleed while passing them. They were huge! :o( But regardless, when I started my DD on solids, it took awhile but now it has sorted the problem out pretty much!! I find when I give her apple/pear pureed, it helps and for some reason when I give her butternut squash or sweet potato, it seems to go straight through her! I think as long as your little one seems to have no problem passing them and they aren't too solid, I wouldn't worry overmuch, you're right that we are obsessed with bowel movements, but go with your gut feeling, I always think mom knows best, you know what your baby is feeling!! :wv
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Ds would only poo every 2-3 days, like your dd his belly is soft & no constipation in saying that when it goes to day 3 the 1st part is of thicker consistancy to the rest of it :-8 :o0
crybaby Posts: 60
Thanks for replies, Mrs Ash, that must have been awful for your lo when trying to have a bowel movement, glad for ye its improved with starting solids. I include fruit in all her meals, and she gets sweet potato alot also. I will try her with butternut squash, and am also going to try her with prunes. She went today, and it seemed a little harder then usual, the last time she went was sat! each time its only a moderate amount, considering the time inbetween the each bowel movement. I am going to try increase her liquids, liked cooled boiled water, and some juice.