7 pound weight gain in one week - 24 weeks pregnant

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1Baby Posts: 127
Hi girls Just wondering if anyone else has had a big weight gain in a short period of time. I've monitored my weight quite well over the pregnancy ... gaining about a pound a week. However, in the last week I put on 1/2 stone. I mentioned it to nurse who didn't seem to worried about it but just wondering if anyone else has had this as I was anxious about all sorts of things as I've miscarried a few times in the past so probably more paranoid than most! I'm not bothered about the weight gain once baby is ok. I'm hoping just water retention or maybe a growth spurt in baby but the nurse advised to watch my weight over the next week and if there's another big weight gain to give them a shout. Thanks girls :wv
MsChat Posts: 270
If you haven't changed the amount you ate last week .. did you happen eat a lot of salty food or processed food? :)
seedee Posts: 1017
i gained 5lbs in a couple of days! i dont weigh myself on the same day every week, so i couldnt say if ive had 7lbs in a week, but im sure that week i matched you if not topped you. im keeping an eye on my calorie intake at the moment because it made me so paranoid. not to mention the 'are you sure its not twins in there' and 'HOW many weeks? is that all?' comments.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
[b:dhkhioex]1Baby[/b:dhkhioex], you will go through growth spurts so more weight gain one week over another is normal as long as you are monitoring things and not over-indulging or anything, it's fine. Congrats again :o)ll
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Would you be constipated by any chance?? That would attribute to it and you're at that stage where it can really kick in......