7 weeks pg and I have the flu!

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Jolee Posts: 567
Hi girls, Does anyone know what the best thing is to do for flu while pregnant... I feel like CRAP! Runny nose, shivers, slight temp (38.2), general horrible flu feeling. I rang the doc and he said he will see me around 4pm today but I think the advice here is sometimes even better than the doctors! Any help appreciated... DS2 is running around me like a lunatic here and I still have to dress the beds, clean up after the brekkie, sort the clothes, mop the floors, empty the dishwasher, make the lunch/dinner, arrange someone to collect DS1 from school and bring him to hurling later (cant face walking down for him).... and - oh no, Evan is concentrating too hard.... looks like I have to change a dirty nappy too (at least I cant smell it though!) aaaaaaahhhhhh
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Jolee, you poor thing. I really feel for you. I can't imagine what it must be like with 2 kids already. Try to take it a little bit easy if you can. If your ds is having a nap you should try & put your feet up & rest for a bit. Your health is most important now, not dressing the beds, housework etc.. That can wait :o0
yorkie Posts: 375
You poor thing! Sounds like you have your hands full there. I got the flu when I was around 16 weeks & it took over a week to clear up! The pharmacist couldn't give me anything as I was pregnant so somebody told me to try taking one Berocca a day to give my Vitamin C a boost to help me recover and give me more energy. I definitely found it helped. Now it wasn't a doctor who gave me the advice so maybe mention it to your doctor this afternoon and see what they think? Hope you feel better soon :wv
Jolee Posts: 567
thanks girls. ill try to relax (hard to when house is a bombsite though!) DH is just helping his parents today so I think I may ring him to come home and help me instead! >:o) Should be funny watching him do what I do everyday! ha ha. I'll say it to the doc bout the vit c thing. Thanks for that!
RJR Posts: 962
Definitely get your DH home to help and go straight to bed! I had swine flu a couple of weeks ago and DH stayed off work to mind DD and banished me to bed, the house was a pigsty but I didn't care. It took much longer to get my energy back after it than it normally would, so don't go trying to carry on as normal, get a nice bowl of soup and a good book and go to bed!
Jolee Posts: 567
I went to the doc and she thinks it is swine flu, she took swabs and ill get the results on thursday. RJR - how did you get on with it, was your dh and dd ok? esp dd... what precautions did you take? I would feel so bad if either of my boys gets this.
Belinda Posts: 142
Hi Jolee I am 11 weeks pregnant and have just recovered from the swine flu. To be honest it really knocked me about and I hardly had the energy to get up off the couch let alone mind a 6 month old and 2.5 year old. my house was constantly like a bomb site, but to be honest getting your rest and looking after yourself is more important than worrying about the breakfast dishes. My DH was the first to get it in our house and luckily by the time I got it he was feeling a bit better so we could take it in turns spending the day in bed! My 2.5 year old son also got it, but bounced back so quickly you would hardly have know he was sick just a slight temperature and runny nose. Luckily our 6 month old baby didn't get it because he has kidney problems and we were really worried incase he got it. My DH and I just tried to quarantine ourselves in the sittingroom and stay away from the kids as much as possible, but the doctor told us to be honest you are contagious before any symptoms show and if they are going to get it they will. We made sure to use disinfectant hand spray and cleaned everything we touched. Make sure you get plenty of rest and look after yourself, and I hope you feel better soon :xox
Jolee Posts: 567
thanks belinda, i reckon ill just become an antiseptic by the end of this! my ds2 had kidney probs too but thankfully seems to be ok now. had a rough time of it though. he was on those antibiotics till he was 11 months. in hos a few times too. it can be rough, it is great to hear that you are better now and your ds1 dealt with it well. im a bit less scared now.
RJR Posts: 962
Yes it's the tiredness that's the worst all right - I was absolutely wiped out for about two weeks...and my appetite didnt come back for ages too Don't worry too much though, if you've had it a couple of days and aren't getting any worse you should be over the worst of it. DD and DH didn't get it from me and I was in contact with both throughout Look at it this way, at least you'll have it over and done with and shouldn't get it again! Look after yourself