7 weeks to go and no priest!!!!

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confused bride 08 Posts: 74
Hi girls only 7 weeks to go and no preist. The priest we had will not be here and the priest in the church getting married in is abit reluctant to marry us.What am i going to do. Help!!!!
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
golly you poor thing, is your h2b from the same parish if not could his parish priest marry you in your church
confused bride 08 Posts: 74
No we are both from different parish and getting married in a different parish.I am ready to pull my hair out at this stage.I am going to ring the church now and beg.Fingers crossed.Someone told me that the priest in the church you want has to marry you. Do you know if this is true anyone?
sshery_2000 Posts: 57
Gosh, you must be in bits, but try not to worry. You said the other priest is reluctant to marry you - that means he hasn't said a definite No. I'm sure if you explain the situation to him, and also maybe get your previous priest to speak to him, he'll be more than happy to marry you. It is their job, afterall, and they should be glad that you're a couple who are willing to get married in this day & age. Failing this, ask around the family. Most Irish families have at least one priest who is a third cousin, or an aunt's brother's nextdoor neighbour. I'm sure you'll find somebody who is willing to marry you. Where about's is your wedding? Maybe somebody on here will know a priest in or near your area?? Worth a try! Best of luck, hope it works out for you!
confused bride 08 Posts: 74
Church is just outside Blessington. I am going to give him a ring now. So fingers crossed. I cant send mass booklet to the printers until i have a priest. O:| O:|
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
We have had priest problems as well, first one cancelled, got another and he rang me last night to ask if I could be 15 mins late because he had forgotten he had a wedding in his own parish on the same day O:| If you just explain to the priest in the church you are getting married, I am sure he won't see you stuck or he might know another priest etc.
she Posts: 3298
Good luck with it, let us know how you get on
confused bride 08 Posts: 74
Thnaks girls.Just rang there and no answer, i wil try him again about 2pm. I cannt see why he wouldnt. Its just another thing to worry about. O-O
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
Hopefully it will work out, let us know how ya get on *)
confused bride 08 Posts: 74
Just of the phone to my Mam(God were would we be with out them)The priest that did my sisters wedding is now retired but Mam rang him nand he may have a friend that can do it.Will not find out until monday.Its looking good.