7 weeks to go - TO DO LIST??

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pinkpeonies Posts: 462
I have 7 weeks to go now and I just want to check I haven't forgotten anything. So far I have been very organised but I am going to be extremely busy at work over the next few weeks so I am afraid of forgetting to do something major wedding related! I reconfirmed all suppliers in January and will follow this up with a further call or email this week We have our meeting to register intention to marry at the end of the month Starting now to work on Mass Booklet# Invitations already sent out Bought unity candles today my head is all fuzzy now and I can't think straight!
hurry2011 Posts: 281
do you have everything organised for honeymoon- visas or vaccinations if you need them? full list of you and bridesmaids clothes, underwear jewellery and shoes? just make a list of the running of the day, time photographer/videoman cars etc and confirm withe each. not long to go now :o)ll
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
Thanks a million for replying, yes we are making appointments this week for vaccines. Already have travel insurance etc. But hadn't thought about bridesmaid's underwear :-8 I think it is just hitting me now that this is real! Super excited :o)ll
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
We'll be 5 weeks Friday! - we're just finishing our mass booklets this week so I would try and get these done too if I was you in the next few weeks! It will be such a mojor thing to tick off the list! I wouldn't worry about BM's underwear to be honest- just their shoes, jewellery etc- have you got your own underwear sorted though? Any more trials etc you need? Are you doing a dinner or anything for bridal party- we're thinking of doing this 2 weeks before the wedding
evelynbride Posts: 65
thought the apointment to register marriage had to be 3 months before marriage ceremony?
Bunnybun Posts: 573
I thought that as well?
teapotty Posts: 2085
Me too, maybe OP you mean the prenup enquiry?
Mari yay Posts: 4045
[quote="teapotty":83nsmiid]Me too, maybe OP you mean the prenup enquiry?[/quote:83nsmiid] +1 I hope thats what she means!!
madhairday Posts: 1116
was thinking that too, also think it could be cutting it fine for the pre nup as well
dublinredhead Posts: 917
I have a detailed to do list if anyone wants me to email a copy of it to them just pm me your email and i'll send it on!