7days overdue..induction tueday help!

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luvlylili Posts: 232
hey girls!! Please help! Im now 7 days overdue.. i have tried everything, and i mean everything and nothing is working, i had a sweep done at 39weeks and a internal at 40weeks, i have been power walking, yoga ball, and all the rest and nothing is working, i had a show wednesday night, and have been having alot of little discharges since then, this morning i was sitting in bed and i felt a lil trickle so ran to bathroom and there was a lil water and mucous together! sorry i know tmi!! I am so sore today, alot of pressure, my legs are killing me, like they feel dead, i felt nauseous earlier, and very cold! Im dreading tuesday! i really dont wanna be a induced i just find it frightening and very unnatural! please help if any of you have been in similar situations and went into labor on your own, or if you were induced how u found the experience??
Mumslove Posts: 528
Gosh your nearly there congradulations!!! Imagine this time next week you'll have your bundle of joy in your arms. I was about 10 days over due when I was induced but honestly I found it fine, I didn't know any different. I never got the show before going to hospital. I was pretty fine beforehand. I, like you as totally dreading it, not the inducement but the labour part. I went in on a Sunday night for 6 pm, they inserted the gel at around 8 which is meant to get things going itself. By 11pm I remember having bad back pain and I think lower stomach pain which proved things were starting to happen. At around 5am they woke me to insert 2nd round of gel but they checked me and I was 2cms gone which I didn't even know because I wasn't in any pain. My show didn't came around lunch time then. To cut the story short, they had to break my waters as my labour wasn't progressing ( I still wasn't in pain. It evenually started going slowly but surely. I was on drip to hurry up labour which was sore at times but you could turn up and down the volume of the drip so when it got tough you could turn it down, then took the gas and air, then petidine and I slept for a few hours. I was very relaxed. I wasn't sick from gas&air or petidine which some people are. Then at some stage I went and got the epidural when I was about 6 or 7cms gone. I don't remember it hurting too much. I think the thought of it is worse than it actually is. It was 11pm at night I was still relaxed as anything. The midwives were surprised by how relaxed I was. I got to 9& half cms, baby wasn't budging she was totally relaxed in their and didn't seem to be in any stress at all which was a relief. But it was 27 hours later and nothing was happening, when they told me I'd have to push any minute I was like "okay, no problem"- totally chilled and I wasn't out of it. In the end I had to have a c-section as I couldn't get to the 10cms. She was born at 5:28am, 9lbs with a bug head of brown hair. No wonder she wasn't budging, I'm only 5ft there's no way she was coming out herself. The docs were fully sure I was having a small baby judging by me and not her dad that's 6ft 3ins!!! So the moral of my very long post is don't worry about it because you will be just fine. Do a little reading about your options during the inducement process and get them to explain how all these options work- just to prepare yourself for what may happen. Best of luck with everything, hopefully you'll go yourself Let us all know how you get on :lvs
Mumslove Posts: 528
Double post
Chococat Posts: 1632
I was induced on my first LO. I was given the Oxytocin drip & 6 hours later DS was born, so it didn't take too long. I think you should have an epidural if you get induced. I had pethidine when I was induced & it wore off. Being induced makes the contractions stronger but once you have an epidural you'll be fine.
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi luvlylili There's a good chance you could be holding your baby before Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend...pamper yourself (massage, reflexology...get your hair done!) anything to take your mind off Tuesday (oh and sleep for Ireland). Inductions can be great experiences too but the more relaxed you are the better for you both. Tracy
MotherNature Posts: 317
I had an induction last time and there's a chance I'll be having another. I'm just out of a hospital stay which twice involved me being told that I was being brought for a section, so believe me when I say that for me an induction is a much better option. When I was told that I'd probably have a 2nd induction I was fine with it as I've been through it before and know that it's something I can cope with. I've nothing to compare it against, but honestly it was fine. I can't imagine how a non-induced birth would have been any different for me. My waters broke on their own the night after the gel was applied (on the ante-natal ward). I had about four or five hours of real contractions, which weren't too bad, breathing techniques were fine. I had to have an epidural due to pre-eclampsia, so the pain issue was taken away from me. Overall it was an experience that I am willing and able to face again. Apart from the application of the gel and the possibility of your waters having to be broken by the doctor, it's a very similar birth to someone who isn't induced. You'll be constantly monitored too, which is great! Don't worry about it, you can do it and you'll be fine.
05bride Posts: 314
Hi lili, it sounds like your pretty close to going yourself naturally so even if you do end up being induced it's not likely to take that long to progress things. I was induced and it was fine. Good luck with it all.
luvlylili Posts: 232
ah thanks so much for the replies girls... I went 14days over with my last baby, they werent going to induce me til the 17th day but thank god on day 14 overdue i went into labour, i didnt find it that bad, after a failed vaccum attempt and a forceps delivery, i had a 10pound baby boy! im just so terrified this time, cuz i am petrified of needles and i think 90% of people who have to be put on the drip take the epi, i was put on the drip with my last labor because i wasnt progressing fast enuf,but after a hour they had to take me off it, cuz i couldnt handle it, Im a complete bag of nerves....
baby-bel Posts: 929
I found induction grand, I got 2 doses of the gel, labour started just before the 2nd dose (but I hadnt realised, thought it was wind pains!) Yes contractions came quick then every 2 minutes lasting a minute so not much break but I have to say (and I was petrified going in) that it was totally managable. I found the pethidine crap it just made me feel sick and dizzy. I found the gas and air a great distraction from the contractions as it gives you something to do while each contraction comes. I used a tens machine right through also and that was a great distraction also so def recommend that too. I progressed so quickly that there was no time for an epidural (I had asked for one) but I really didnt need it as it was managable (i only asked for it as I didnt know how bad the pain would potentially get ifykwim) and I was only pushing for 30mins max and those were pushes that my body was doing without me trying i.e. I coulnd not push if I tried, so that didnt take any extra energy out of me , I felt my body was doing everything, I wasnt trying to do anything, I only had a minor tear, no assisted delivery with anything like foreceps, etc so I have to say I found it all really positive because I had been expecting the worst going in as I had a huge fear of childbirth but I dont think I will be as scared next time after being through it now. best of luck, you'll be holding babs soon :wv
silíní Posts: 4219
I found the induction grand too. Ok it was tough but labour is tough anyway. I was a fraid of the needles a bit too but it wasnt as bad as i thought, six hours later i had my little girl. Please don't worry.