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whiteroses Posts: 150
Hi girls I am now 8 and a half weeks. I am finding it very difficult to keep our secret/surprise. Main reason is I have a wedding to attend to at the weekend, tried on loads of my outfits lastnite, and yep all too tite. Feeling fairly down this morn and feel massive. I have always been a size 8-10 and feel I am now a good size 12, not that sizes bother me in any way and I am only too pleased to be "growing" with my wee baby inside. Its just that no-one knows, and I am gona be facing strange looks/possibly comments at this wedding....................ah maybe i am blabbering on today, just feeling down >:o(
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I bet you'll find no one will notice.
whiteroses Posts: 150
thanks LMS maybe its just me being a bit paranoid eh but to be honest I am actually starting to think that maybe I could be more than 8 and a half weeks, I seem so bloated and have honestly gained around 10LB, am a little worried about this, just cant wait to get scan over to make sure everything is alrite. Have to go shopping to see if I can get a nice outfit that is flattering on me...............
Maybebaby1 Posts: 558
Hi there Whiteroses I hear ya, am feeling very much the same as you. Not down about anything but have a wedding this weekend and just know its going to be really hard to hide the fact that I am not drinking. I had to go to the hen night and pretend I was on antibiotics so they have all started tonges wagging already. Also the starter is goats cheese which I absolutely love (and everyone knows I love it) and cant eat it - so what excuse can I use for that one! We have told our immediate family but really didnt want to tell anyone else till the 12 week mark, its very hard to keep it a secret. Sometimes I just think we should just tell everyone and be done with it then we dont have to hide it anymore. Then the other side of me thinks sure it really is no one elses business and we will tell them when we are ready. Sure if people are going to think it then so be it. I was just happy that my family didnt guess and it was a fantastic surprise for them all. Try and not worry about it too much and enjoy the day as much as possible. I plan on pretending I am drinking and hubbie will have to drink all my drink - he did it at the last wedding we went to, it was very funny he was blotted within 2 hours :o0
whiteroses Posts: 150
Ah thanks Maybebay1 Good to know someone else is feeling the same as me. I am also going to have to pretend once again that I AM FEELING SICK,or some other lame excuse that i have yet to think about! Are you showing yet maybebaby1? Think our dates are similar, I am due 29 March [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:4oqje2rb]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;20718;19/st/20080329/k/52ec/preg.png[/img:4oqje2rb] [/url]
molls Posts: 149
could you ring the hotel in advance to see if the goat's cheese they use is pasteurised or not? As far as I can make out pasteurised goat's cheese is ok. If it's not, I suppose you could just try to pass as much of it to your husband as possible.
poppy1 Posts: 596
hey i hear ya - its quite hard to hide it. i had a work thing last week and was on 7-up - and putting a lemon into the glass each time to look like it was vodka - of course they found out i wasnt drinking and i just said i had a long drive ahead of me the following day!! doubt they believed that as i love my drink.. since i came back to work after the w/end im fully convinced they all know and are staring at me. we only told me family on monday so we have another 4 weeks to go. i went walking with my friend last nite and she was really pushing us to go faster i just kept telling her i had crampsp - now i dont want to go with her anymore till i tell her as she goes a bit fast for me , so i just want to go at my own pace. clothes are still fitting me so i suppose im lucky that way.. maybebaby1 - i love pate and goats cheese - went out for lunch saturday and killed me to get a ceasar salad , i just told my mates i was sick of the other 2 as i get them every time!! i going to refrain from going out for the next few weeks, luckily i have no parties or anything to go to.....
Maybebaby1 Posts: 558
As for showing yep I am convinced I have put on about 1/2 a stone! well maybe not that much but I deffo look preggers, my trousers are now getting too tight and I need to go and get some more work clothes. I dont think I have ever been so bloated. Sure last night I felt my lower tummy and it was hard - it has never been like that before. I reckon cause I am over sensitive to everything I will show quicker. Maybe it also doesnt help that this little one has me craving chocolate which I have never been massively keen on before - typical! I was given due date of 2nd April and then changed to 3rd April so we will just have to wait for the date scan to be sure.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Hi white roses A random lady I don't know asked me when I was due and I'm only 8 1/2 weeks too!!!!! top button open all the time. Hubbie was even asking me was I over eating yesterday :o( He did feel really bad afterwards but thats what he's thinking. Best of luck at weekend. We haven't told anyone but 4 people know cause they just figured it out. Might be due to my belly!!! :eek I'm also normally 8-10 and now definate 12 also