8 days breast feeding how to stop??

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winter10 Posts: 55
Hi all, I'd a baby girl last Monday and breast fed her since. I'm finding it very hard have a bad dose of baby blues and my breasts are in a really bad way with engorgment . I went to a local Breast clinic yest but they only push you to keep it up. I know I'm terrible giving up but I'm dreading every feed and crying with pain and big enjoying my beautiful new baby. Had a section too and finding the feeding worse than it. Can anyone give me advise on how to get thd baby on formulae without going cold turkey as I've read that can cause mastitis. Thanks in advance x
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I was breastfeeding for 4 weeks. At the end I combination fed and had no engorgement or issues with my breasts. What I did was breast fed when my boobs were "huge", at the next feed I bottle fed. I kept that up for a few days until I was bottle feeding more and more as my supply dropped. I did get a lump in my breast that turned red and was very sore for a few days now that I think of it, I just expressed (as he wasn't hungry at the time) and it was fine. I find bf'ing support in Ireland absolutely rubbish. "keep it up" is not how you help someone. Best of luck with it all, I really really feel your pain (not physical, emotional) and the guilt was horrendous too. PM me if you need to vent/help x
E B Posts: 276
Do you have a pump? Like sassy I fed or pumped when my breasts were huge while giving bottles at every other time. I think pumping is easier if you have sore nipples or feeds are taking ages.Over a few weeks I pumped less and less until the supply dried up. I did the combination for 2 months but breast feeding wasn't for me, didn't feel I was satisfying baby. The advice it will get better doesn't help either. I didn't enjoy it and was so happy switching to formula, as was baby.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="E B":3knysbis]I didn't enjoy it and was so happy switching to formula, as was baby.[/quote:3knysbis] I really enjoyed bf'ing but hated that the feeds took sooooooo long and my little lad didn't gain enough wait. The advice given to me was "supplement with formula" which to a frazzled new mother was "you're sh!t at breastfeeding, your child is starving, give him a bottle you selfish wench". Once I made the decision I was grand, but making the decision to switch to formula was one of the hardest things ever. (sounds ridiculous now but at the time it really was) Our little man is very happy on his bottles.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
When I was introducing more bottles and dropping feeds I did it one feed at a time. LO always got a bottle before bed, so I started with introducing a bottle at the midmorning feed, then the afternoon feed, now I'm down to one BF in the morning. She was an older baby though and I never had any engorgement at all. I can totally sympathize with finding it hard. I had a section too and it was a breeze compared to getting going with BF. The advice I got I found very conflicting and some of it consisted of 'just getting on with it'. I think if someone had told me, 'Look its really, really hard, try to persevere but don't beat yourself up either way' I'd have found it easier. Whereas it seemed to be either 'Just keep going, you have to power on' from BF advocates and 'Give the formula, make life easier for yourself' from everyone else'. Don't worry, loads of women have been in your situation.
wowza Posts: 556
I found bfing much harder than any part of the labour or the birth. It's not as easy as it's made out to be, and there is not enough support. The only reason I kept it up was sheer determination. PHNs seemed to be out to get me to quit with all the weighing they were at, even though they were meant to be supportive. Have you tried nipple shields? I found them great for the pain. Otherwise, the advice you've gotten here is good. You could try pumping only, as this reduces your supply - and as this happens you would just supplement more and more with formula. Best of luck.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
+1 on the nipple shields I'm bfing 8 days now too and last Sunday I could have cried at the thoughts of feeding. After asking 4 nurses for "help" it turned out she wasn't latched on properly. I know everyone says it's sore for the first few days but it would never have got any better since she wasn't on properly in the first place. I got the shields and felt like I won the lotto! If I hadn't got them I wouldn't and couldn't have continued with the feeding so might be worth s shot?