8 weeks feels like a life time away!

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newyearbabs Posts: 686
I due in 8weeks and it feels so far away. I just can't wait (I know I have to). And if I hear one more time 'ah it'll fly in I'll scream'. I want to be a mammy now!!!!! Anyone else feel like this at this stage?
mammybean Posts: 10364
oh ya, people keep telling me you wot feel it going in. i want to tell them where to go but i just have to be polite nd say y i know O:| O:|
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I think i have the slowest pregnancy in history. Even DH said to me last night that other girls we know that are pregnant are "passing me out" :o( People say oh you wont feel it flying in, i feel every minute. Im so impatient i want the baby now (not really). Id love to go to sleep and wake up in 10 weeks in labour !!!
Idina Posts: 1289
I'm the opposite. I'm due in 8 weeks and I think it's flying! It's probably cuase I love Christmas so much and the build up is just starting so I love this time of year! I have my 32 week scan today and I can't believe it's 8 weeks since my last one-roll on Christmas!!!
mammybean Posts: 10364
I hve an appointment today aswell thistle!
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi girls I still can't believe I am only 7-8 wks away too its hard to believe I think myself its after flying.But wish it was here now !!! so looking forward to it but scared at the same time just not thinking about the birth part,but so looking forward to it baby moving and kicking loads. :o)ll :o)ll
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Its mad the way it flys for some and not for others! It prob. all the problems that have made it seem longer. Good luck with appointments today mammy bean & thistle
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
It probably would have felt really long only for we were kept so busy with trying to get our house sorted and moving back home again in which we just moved back last week after the renovation,so I guess thats why my mind was occupied with the house all the time the next 8 wks will probably be really long. Ah its not too long more girls eh and we will have our little bundle's of joy !! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hopefully snugglebunny time will start to fly by for all of us. its very exciting I know what you mean about been scared but we'll be grand!
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi newyearbabs I can't believe how quickly my time has gone already & that I have less than 10 weeks to go. I'm extremely excited about meeting my baby but at the same time don't want to wish the weeks away. I need the time to mentally prepare myself for the birth - I'm absolutely petrified :o( but know the outcome will be worth it. I know it is easy for others to say the time will fly when you're at this stage you can't imagine another 8/10 weeks of getting bigger well at least thats how I feel.