8 weeks preg - girlie weekend - should I go?

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Wolaholic Posts: 477
Just found out I'm preg yesterday - yippee! My workmates and I are planning a weekend away soon, by which time I'll be 8 weeks gone. Wondering now whether I should back out now or go anyway. Everyone will suss if I'm not drinking and there'll be no escaping getting into a round, so I won't be able to get myself soft drinks and be sneaky! We're going away for two nights, the first night will be relaxed but the next night is sure to be mental. There's no chance of going for just one night as it's a good distance away. It's a spa hotel, and I've been looking forward to it for months! Should I just not go, or should I tell one of the girls and swear them to secrecy? 8 weeks is really early to be telling workmates...
Wolaholic Posts: 477
Oh I'm after reading over my post now and just want to say that I'm not planning on drinking if I do go, I'm just worried that if I go when I'm not drinking that I'll be sussed!
married08 Posts: 226
If you do really want to go what's the harm of your work colleagues knowing your pg, at least wit them knowing you'll enjoy the weekend more because you won't be worrying about them sussing you. I'm only 6.5 weeks pg and my work colleagues know, it was very obvious when I gave up smoking last week.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi Wolaholic just wanted to say congrats :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Not sure what advice to give you! If you want to go I wouldn't tell anyone just make a good excuse, re being on antibiotics, for bad hear infections etc. If you tell someone they'll only be minding you and make it obvious to the others! I bet it's so hard being so excited and not being able to let anyone! I don't think I will be one of those woman that will keep it a secret for 12 weeks.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Congrats married08 :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Tub Posts: 157
I know its hard to pretend that you drinking, i had to do this over xmas, i was only 5 weeks and trying to hid it, I ended up one nite ordering bottle of bud like what one of the girls was drinking and a glass full of ice then pouring in some bud and leaving the bottle beside her bottle or taking her empty one as well, i took about 2 sips all nite of the bud. Or you could dry glasses of wine with loads of 7-up like one drop of wine and the rest 7-up. Its a though one but if you do go enjoy it and by the way CONGRATS its great news.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I heard of a good excuse today, could you say you are off drink for Lent??
ellee Posts: 666
Congratulations! I wouldn't tell your workmates just yet and to be honest, I never found it that hard to fool people around teh drinking issue. All you really ahve to do is accept the drink with enthusiasm and then just abandon them quietly around the place! O-O A few sips won't do baby any harm either so don't freak out about it - go and enjoy yourself! >:o)
mini mama Posts: 834
congrats on the great news....i' do like anothet poster suggested and pretend to be on anti biotics and say that you had had a few drinks the week before while being on them and they made you sick so say either way a least i'm here so lets have a laugh...that will dispell anymore talk about it :o)ll
wifeey Posts: 176
Hi Wolaholic :wv well i was in the same situation last week, even though i gave my excuses the whole weekend revolved around is there a wee bun in the oven, if i complained about my dress being too tight, i would get..'it'll be tighter in a few months etc etc :o0 I just laughed it off, honestly just give your excuse and then forget about it that's all i could do but they will be talking about it so be prepared best thing to do is not to get all worked up about it say something simple like 'if i was pregnant you's would know about it' or ask someone for a sanitary towel or something saying it's your period that'll throw them off the scent :o0