8 weeks pregnant.

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irish bride Posts: 558
Hi all, I am 8 weeks pg and am finding it really difficult. I am suffering badly with cramps and shooting pains which the doctors are telling me are natures way of my body settling into things, i am throwing up every morning and most nights, I feel nauseous in between that, am shattered tired, get bad nosebleeds and am in such bad snappy form. Please somebody else tell me that I am not the only person going through all of this, I am finding it so hard and the last thing I can do is get excited about being pg. thanks. :cry:
willthiswork Posts: 1995
My friend is 6 months pregnant and she was like that from about 6 weeks to 14 weeks, it is all part of the process apparently. Congrats!
letty Posts: 444
HI there im 23 weeks pregnant up until about 3 weeks ago i was like you from the start, its so hard, and draining,, i felt like killing my h2b everyday,,, i was so sick,, just believe me its get better, im feeling brill now, and i look so much happier , that everyone is saying pregnancy really suits me - im glowing,,,i even went out for my birthday the weekend and i lasted until 3am,,,,, i had two drinks, havent drank or stayed awake pass 10pm since i got pregnant......everyone was amazed coz there was money on how long i would last,,,,, i beat them all yepeee!!!! so dont worry if you feel like death right now,, or even hate getting dressed and you look like wax,,,, it gets sooooo much better... so hang on girl,,,,, xxx :lol:
irish bride Posts: 558
Thanks Letty and I am going to hold you to that! Am sorry if i sound like a moany cow, am just finding things so difficult to deal with at the moment, and all I seem to do is cry - reckon my hubby doesnt know what to do or say to me anymore! My hormones are all over the place!
anon42day Posts: 45
Believe me it does stop :D I was like that till about 15 wks although never actually threw up but had nausea 24/7 - like you I cried for the first 15wks and found it very hard to be excited as I felt so bloody miserable - I think for the first few mths of 2006 I was either crying or asleep - it was so draining - but then you hit that stage where the nausea and tiredness stops and you feel on top of the world so hang on in there it will get better I am in the 3rd trimister or approaching it and the tiredness is starting to kick in a bit again but nothing like the first part and I am sure once I look after myself and have a few early nights a week I will be grand. But keep the chin up as there is light at the end of the tunnel
letty Posts: 444
my poor h2b couldnt do anything right, id snap at it for nothing,, he would run me a bath and spoil me, and id end up crying and nearly drowning myself with my own tears!!! then my sister told me i was been a bitch and snapping with everyone,,, im not like that normally,,, i couldnt explain how i felt, but i wanted to me again be normal - i just couldnt how much i tried,, BUT YOU WILL GET THERE,,,I PROMISE......
Princess Atora Posts: 275
Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad Irish Bride. I suffered with HG until 16 weeks. My hubby had bought me the most beautiful book on pregnancy and i couldn't bring myself to even look at it i felt so bad. So dont be worrying about not feeling happy about your pregnancy. Its so hard to be grateful and feel blessed etc when you are on the bathroom floor with your head down the jacks AGAIN :shock: As the girls said, and whether you can believe now or not, this passes and you [u:3hsgicze]will[/u:3hsgicze] feel human again. I promise :)
irish bride Posts: 558
Thanks girls, I really appreciate all your advice. I seem to go through good and bad days, today is a not-so-bad day! Also, I feel so bad moaning about all of this when everyone else seems to be enjoying every minute of it! Anyway enough about me, thanks all xxx