8 weeks today & MS has gone

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kerrybean Posts: 25
Hi girls Just a little concerned at the moment. I am 8 weeks today and from about 4 weeks pg to about 7.5 weeks pg I had MS. Not bad MS but had nausea on and off. Anyway since last Saturday I am feeling great. The MS has totally gone. Is this normal? I would have thought MS wouldn't start to fade until the 12 week mark for most even though I know some can have it all throughout their pregnancies and everyone is different. Am not complaining that I feel great but just wondering if its normal and am thinking the worst. Boobs still sore in the evening so I suppose thats a good sign. Anyone else experience this? Thanks everyone :lvs
littlemama Posts: 471
hi kerrybean, easier said than done but try not to worry too much. my symptoms were strong some days and barely noticeable the next, i remember around the 7-8 week mark having similar worries and then i spoke too soon - was puking about twice a week for next 4 weeks after that. good sign that ur boobs are still sore. my gp told me that u shd only worry if all your symptoms just vanish all of a sudden. best of luck!
kerrybean Posts: 25
Thanks littlemama. Good to know someone else had the same worries and all was ok. Its so hard not to worry. There is no pleasing me, was giving out when I had MS and now worried that I dont have it!!. :babydust:
theoracle Posts: 7664
Between week 9-10 the corpus luteum stops producing the estrogen and placenta officially takes this job over which may account for difference in 'feeling'. MS can come back later again though, so it may be just temporary, there is no hard and fast rule about it.
happymonkey Posts: 555
I was the same. MS from exactly weeks 6 to 8 and totally disappeared then. So don't worry.