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nye2012 Posts: 207
Hi all.. trying to help my friend find a veil... she was quoted like 500 yo yo's for one in the shop she got her dress from!!! It is quite long from head to floor with lil train.. but am sure it can be gotten cheaper!!!! it is a full lenght veil... one tier... apparently thats more expensive than if there is two layers in it?!?!?! anywho any help wud be much appreciate?!?!? ttfn me xx :wv
~lila~ Posts: 524
Hiya, Tell her to try ebay, I got mine exactly the same as you described, cathedral length, one tier, satin edging $40 and I'm really happy with it :o)ll good luck M.
nye2012 Posts: 207
thanks a mil.... will tell her.. not sure if she's that brave though... ha ha..... just realised the wedding is exactly 4 months from today's date!!!!1 AGHHHH!!!! Am a BM and have tons of weight to loose!!! best get crackin!!! xx
emma1980 Posts: 2219
thats mad money for a veil and thats not even FULL lenght, theres longer one...i seen some for 100 -150e..id tell her to shop around!! O-O
~lila~ Posts: 524
Oh, just remebered I was looking on as well, some of the girls here have bought theirs there and recommeded it. it is about $100 for same veil. M.