a BFN and still no AF

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silverstar Posts: 223
Girls Am totally fed-up at this stage - on day 34 now and still no AF, done another test this morning and it's negative. Really wish AF would return so we can get trying again. Had cramps last week and still nothing...
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
hang in there it will happen one of these months, I'd say its hard alright keep the faith.
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hi silverstar still no sign thats crap O:| its hard the first month cause you cycle is all over the place fingers crossed you will get your af soon, try relax - as I gave advise before to another girl and it worked go home tonight have a hot bath do a bit of pampering face mask and all get a funny movie and take you mind off you af or ttc - hopefully you tested too early or your af will arive soon so you can get started for ttc next month. Head up hun x