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mondeo Posts: 26
Hi Girls, I have just read through all the replies I had about my miscarriage post and want to thank each of ye for your kind words, support and especially for the suggestion of sowing a tree, I am going out on Sat to buy a tree and one of those little angels and put it in a special place in our garden so everyone can see it. At least then I will have something to mind and look after and wont feel as empty as I do at the moment :o( People say time is a great healer I'm hoping it will be. Thank ye all very much :thnk Mrs Wacker
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
time is healer indeed took me ages to get over it but it does get easier i promise, take care of yourself.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I think it is a lovely idea, Take care
bree Posts: 1880
Mondeo - im so sorry , i completly missed that post . How are you ? I hope your taking care of yourself & things r a little ok? Its hard to know what to say but i guess time brings everything ! Good luck with everything & you know you can rant/cry/be concerned/post anything here & your sure to get some support that may help a little. Cheers
corkrebel Posts: 744
Mondeo, you just take care ofyourself and I am so delighted that you are planting a tree...we did that and it is a lovely reminder of our angel.... my heart and thoughts are with you ...xxx O:o)