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YumYum Posts: 482
Hi Girls, I posted this in the June 2010 topic but just wanted to have it out on its own to get some feedback. Feeling miserable today, had dinner last night and an hour or so after it, I was feeling unwell - presumed it was heartburn/acid. Took some rennie and then spent from around 9 to 1 or 2am trying to get sick - all that was coming up was air. I was after 3 late nights and was hoping to have an early night last night, but still not couaght up on sleep. I feel dreadful today, like a pain/discomfort at my breast bone, like a lump feeling and a headache since last night and feel slightly warm (very cold office so thats what made me notice it.) Can't really eat today. This is the third time in about 4 weeks, I have had tummy trouble sort of. YY
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Sorry no adice to offer but would you pop off to the Dr, just to put your mind at ease.
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Yum Yum its probably heart burn and digestion issues, go see your doc if your worried, otherwise maybe start looking for the guidelines to ease digestion related pain like peppermint tea, eating small portions etc
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
How are you feeling now? Sounds like indigestion but if you are really worried ring either hosptial, gp or at least as a chemist. Also get plenty of fluids into you and try and catch up on sleep.
YumYum Posts: 482
Thanks for the replies girls, was a moany day on Friday. Well, I drank close to a litre of milk Friday evening, bed at 9pm and went for a lovely walk saturday morning and seems to have sorted me out. Feeling great again. :o)ll