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susie05 Posts: 204
Hey girls Im 23,healthy,have regular periods,but id say for the past 3 months iv really been trying to get preggers, you know temp method,right days and all that but im actually really shocked that nothings happened yet,now i know its only 3 months but i always presumed it would just happen for me,i bought those ovalulations tests the other day and i just wondered if anyone else has used them eighter.I know its early days but me and my husband really havnt been carefull for maybe a year.
snozberry Posts: 1212
Susie, not sure exactly what to say as fortunately I have never found myself in that situation. But if you are following the directions correctly and it is predicting your most fertile days then you are definitely on the right path.... Next thing would be to see your doctor - he probably wont advise much at this stage as you usually have to have been actively trying for about a year... he will advise a good diet, give up smoking and cut down drinking and just to try and forget about it for a couple of months - once you are more relaxed it may just happen for you. Try not to stress yourselves,(easy for me to say) but you will need to have a serious talk before going down the route of tests etc to see if everything is ok as these can be quite invasive. Not trying to scare you but it can certainly test you as a couple. Hopefully you wont have to wait too much longer and in the mean time enjoy the practising :wink:
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Susie, I know it is dissapointing for it not to happen straight away - we spend so many years trying not to get pregnant! If you have not already been over to www.rollercoaster.ie they have an excellent ttc site and there is plenty of good advice and support. All the best and enjoy the trying, its hard to stop becoming a bit obsessed with it!!!