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Little Kitty Posts: 914
I was reading through Ditz post and have to say I can totally relate to what she's going through and all you wollies gave such good advise I'm wondering if you can help me out. As you can see from my ticker not long to go now. I've posted this before but I'm in a job I hate and I'm so miserable. I've been constantly ill since I started and my health hasn't been great in the last few months. My heart sinks when the alarm goes off in the morning. I used to really like my job but since I started here I find I've lost all interest in it and I'm afraid of becoming complacent and the fact that I don't care hangs off me and it's so not what I'm like. I've always worked really hard. I've gone for a few interviews but have little success as they weren't really what I was looking for and while I'm miserable here I don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire. I have a second interview next week for a job I'm really, really, praying I get as it's exactly what I'm looking for but if I don't I really think I'll have to just hand my notice in anyway. I just can't stand the thought of coming back from honeymoon to this place, I was actually crying this morning the thought of it kills me. Anyway after all that and thanx to any wollie who actually stuck through and read this drivel!! So my question is for any wollie who walked out of a job with nothing to go to, how did you answer the all important question of "Why did you leave your previous role" without sounding like a complete negative nelly??! or a lunatic!!! I have to add my h2b won't be too happy I'm thinking about this as I haven't spoken to him about it yet. Thanx again :thnk
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i usually say well i felt i learnt all i could from that position and have moved on, your better off leaving if its that bad you'll get something else, would you temp?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi Little Kitty, it's such a horrible predicament to be in - you have my sympathy! I've had a good few crappy jobs over the last few years, one of which I was so miserable in that I ended up running out in tears (morto now when I think about it) and never went back. I got on to a recruitment agency and just told them the truth from start to finish, they were very understanding and said that this kind of thing happens sometimes, that people sometimes don't gel with the people they're working with - due to personality clashes, bullying, etc. Then there are others who just feel that their time in the job is over, it's run it's course, you've learned all you can etc. etc. At the end of the day, YOU have to be happy. There is nothing worse than being miserable in a job, and especially if it's going to be hanging over your head while you're on honeymoon which is the last thing you want. Would you temp as strawberry suggested? It could keep you going, while you're looking for a permanent job, and companies are always looking for temps.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Sorry to hear your position. I was in a job like that a couple of years ago, and was at the frame of mind you're at now, but luckily I got an excellent job just before I threw in the towel. If you don't get this job, then I think you should definitely leave before the situation affects your health - I know I was in tears at least once every week with dh, and spent the weekend dreading Monday morning, I couldn't have taken much more - I think you'll be surprised at what you h2b's reaction might be - he'll probably be glad to get the old happy you back. I know my DH was encouraging me to leave at the end, just because I was so miserable - and therefore making his life miserable too! As for explaining to future employers, say that you felt you had given all you could to your old position, and that you felt that it was the right stage in your career to sit back and think about where you wanted to go next. This will give the impression that you take your work seriously and view it a s a 'career' rather than just a 'job', and that you are keen to get the job you're interviewing for as you've really thought about it. A lot of employers will jump at the chance of employing someone with no notice period. Don't go for jobs for the sake of it (done that too, never ends well), hold out for a job that's right for you and as the others say, temp in the meantime to keep you ticking over if you can afford to.
Delish Posts: 4176
Great anwers to tough interview questions - EASONS €13 - RED COVER, IT'S BRILL
edit Posts: 982
I walked out on a job before, I had just had enough and woke up one Monday morning going F this, I shouldn't be feeling like this. So I took two weeks to myself to sort my head out and then went temping for a while. It pays the bills and you're not stuck in the one place too long, hopefully after a while you can sort yourself and decide what you want to do. Then when I went for interviews for a permanent job, I just said that I wanted to settle down now, that I'd been temping for a while and wanted to focus on my career yada yada :o0 what a load of ballsology! :o0
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi LK, i worked in Dublin in a job for 3 years. I loved the job but the commute used to kill me - at least 5 hours a day. It got to the stage where id cry in the mornings getting on the train. DH insisted i hand in my notice despite the fact i had no job to go to. So i did in early Oct, i gave a months notice. The month came and went and i still hadnt found a job near home, so they (lovely company and people) said to stay as long as i wanted. Finally in end of Jan DH said to me i dont care if you have no job to go to you are not going back into work on Monday. I was so depressed with the travelling i was miserable. So i left and it took me a month to find a job (that paid more than min wage). Honestly that month was worse than another month commuting. I got so depressed being at home all day, i started to worry about paying bills, having a gap in my cv, etc. I was going to interviews but nothing seemed to work out. I ended up taking a job just for the sake of it after the month and stayed there for 6 months - i hated that job too. All this was nearly 3 years and thank God im happy now and working near home. I could/should have gone temping but tbh i thought it would be easier to find a job than what it was, but then again i was restricting myself to a small town if your in Dublin it would be easier.
Bridget Posts: 539
I left a job before getting married, and had no job to return to, after the honeymoon. It worked out well. I worried a little when I was on the honeymoon about job hunting when I returned. I knew that if I had stayed in my job, I would be worried about the backlog of work on my return. Six of one, half dozen of another. Got another job about 3 wks after I returned from honeymoon. In fact I was very relaxed returning from honeymoon, as at least I didn't have to face loads of work/working late etc to get up to date. If you left work close to the honeymoon, you could explain you wanted lots of time off for travel for the honeymoon. I wanted to take 3 wks off for honeymoon. Because I was the only person in accounts in a small Co, they didn't reallly want to give me that amount of time off. Normally I would be happy with hols of a week or ten days (easier to catch up with work when I came back). For the honeymoon, I really wanted a longer break. I was in the job 6 months before the honeymoon. On return from the honeymoon, I told the agencies & prospective employers that I wanted time off for honeymoon, and the small co. could not give this. I told them in a matter of fact way, & didn't seem bitter. I said I understood that small co.s can't afford to have key people out for weeks. I also said it would be unfair on my husband if we had to cut short the honeymoon. Since then, I have changed jobs. Nowadays, if I am asked to explain why I left that job, I say that it was a six month contract, as it is faster than going into details about work.
Flossy Posts: 212
also check out this webklink for answers to interview questions - http://www.businessballs.com/interviews.htm Good luck!
Little Kitty Posts: 914
Hi Girls Thanx for all your sound advice I really appreciate it. Temping would definitely be an option if this interview doesn't go my way. Fingers & toes are crossed!!!!