A Bride's Wedding Speech

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amycrof1 Posts: 92
It is becoming more of a tradition for the bride to make a speech on her wedding day. This is a great opportunity to tell everyone of how lucky you are to have met your husband and to thank everyone, especially your friends and family, for the part they played in your wedding! http://weddingsonline.ie/article/580/br ... ing-speech Did/ will you make a speech at your wedding? Enjoy, Amy x Feat Ed. amy[at]weddingsonline.ie
candlequeen Posts: 991
Not a hope, I'd turn bright red and cry! I have been at weddings though where the Brides have made speeches and it's nice - I just don't think it's for me x
lilywhite2012 Posts: 571
If i decide to make a speech i will most likely spend months worrying about it. I'm an awful public speaker, I get flushed and my voice starts to shake! Would love to make one though!
Cupcake666 Posts: 135
Not in a million years!!!!! I would stand up, sound all shaky, start stuttering and then when i realize everyone is looking at me i would burst out crying!! I feel sick even at the thoughts of it! :o(
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Yes I plan on doing it. My parents have done so much for us and although hubbie 2 be will thank them I really want to do it myself. Also want to thnak a few others and my h2b as well. It will only be short and I will probably cry but I want to tell them how much they mean to me.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
Yes I will, my h2b hates the idea of speaking so he is basically going to say a couple of words and sit down, my mother will also be making a speech instead of my father, and I am hoping and praying we can convince h2b's mother to make one instead of his Dad, he hates public speaking and will undoubtedly embarrass everyone with crude remarks :-8
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I did. And yes I cried. And not even at a soppy bit! About three sentences in just at the 'thanks for coming' bit I just had a flash of 'I'm at my wedding, this is my WEDDING' and I just burst out crying. I think it was a little bit of stress relief like. I hadn't realised until the wedding day how stressed I was for the last week before it and it came out at the speech! I wouldn't mind but both families were great, my friends were great and nobody put me under any pressure at all, there was no drama, it was all from me, I wanted the day to be perfect. I had worked so hard at the planning that I put all the pressure on myself. Anyway, I had a little weep, but my Mam held my hand and my husband gave me a tissue and I just sucked it up and kept going and it worked really well. I really wanted to thank my parents and my family and I wanted to talk about my husband and thank him so I'm glad I did it. Everyone came up to me afterwards and said it was a great speech and that they were almost crying when I was crying!
highbeam Posts: 2578
Im thinking about doing one. Have thought about what Id like to say, just really a few thank yous to people, mainly our families and would like to say a few words to my OH. Have gone over it in my head a few times on the drive home from work and have nearly ended up in tears in the car. :-8 Hoping if I practice enough I might get through it on the day. I could back out of it altogether too as I dont like public speaking, but at least if I have something ready I can decide on the day.
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
I am definately going to do one. I even knew the bones of my speech from the time I got engaged. None of the best man/groomsmen want to say much (or anything) but my sis stepped up to the plate and said she'd do it so most of the speeches ect. are going to be on the brides side which is unusual enough. I think that if a bride doesn't want to make a speech because she would be too worried about it or because she is too shy then that's fair enough but I certainly don't believe that a bride shouldn't do a speech because it's not traditional or because older family members don't want it. At the end of the day the chances are you are probably paying for most of the day yourself and this old idea of the grooms side having all the say on the day drives me BONKERS.
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Yes i did and i didn't cry. I thanked everyone for coming and told a few funny stories about dads failed attempts to make my wedding cake and my brother making my sweet cart etc etc . I also thanked hubbys family for always being so kind to me from the very start. Im so glad i made a speech , it was so much fun and who says we cant have our say? :o0 :o0