A few questions for breast feeders

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round2 Posts: 72
Removed don't want a row
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
touchy subject and even though you dont want it to turn into a debate, i fear it will!! i am going to try to breast feed, i will suit our family and if it becomes too difficult or things dont work out with feeding etc, i will switch to formula. if it works, i will be very happy but i wont be continuing if it doesnt work out. i have heard of tis guilt that ppl feel when wanting to give up if it gets too much, i wont feel like that. i already had verbals with someone in xmas day about it. i feel strongly about trying it but also strongly about not being silly about it!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I wanted to try it and was also prepared to stick with it if things felt difficult. Things were difficult to begin with, but I'm glad I stuck it out since what felt like an eternity at the time was only a few weeks and was worth it for us in the long run. Certainly not anti-formula; we had to feed with it to begin with as DD couldn't latch. Saying it's poison would just be ridiculous as it's clearly a perfectly good source of nutrition! I don't have any negative thoughts about bottle feeders. For starters I don't have any idea why someone is bottle feeding, and whether they went straight to formula or had difficulties with breastfeeding and decided to stop, it's every mother's choice to make. If I'm honest I do find it a little bit sad that such a negative picture of breastfeeding is often painted and this leads to many women choosing not to even try it (this plus a lack of support, especially if there are no family or friends with breastfeeding experience). For me it was a wonderful experience and also the most convenient option, so I'd like to see people more encouraged to try it rather than being put off before they've even started by the negative things they hear.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I tried to BF last time but DS was in SCBU and this made it very hard so I expressed for a few weeks instead. I'm not sure what I'll do this time tbh as I think it might be hard to try and BH for the first time while having a toddler running around the place which would put me of trying to expressing also. I have 9 months to think about it though.
Daff Posts: 11644
hhmmm, okay I'll bite. I always knew I'd BF. Don't know how or why but was always something just in me. My Mum BF both my brothers and while I would have seen it I have no recolection of it ( I was 8 when youngest was born). Also my Aunt who we would have seen all the time had twins BF them when I was 13 and again I have no recollection of this either til she told me she BF them til 9 months. I used to be a mother's help when in college - you'd go help the Mum with newborn and other kids - and they were al bottle fed but again I don't remember even thinking about it at the time. I BF dd1 til just under a year and did supplement with one bottle of formula at about 3 months but she had a cows milk intolerance so once we knew that I used to express and give EBM instead. DD2 is nearly 5 months and still exclusively BF, although in last two weeks I've started expressing and giving as bottle at bedtime. I've had vommiting bug last few days and milk is practially gone. I'm finding it very tough and upsetting watching her hungry and nursing hard to get supply back up. Also my frozen stash is running low but I'd still be reluctant to give formula - probably cause I'd such a hard time on dd1 when I gave it to her with her intolerance. But also cause I'd like to hit the 6 months exclusively BFing. I don't think anything negative at all about bottle feeding Mum's. The only view I would have had on them in the early days of havingn a newborn was how nice it must have been to get more than two hours sleep in one go :zzzz: I hadn't slept in 48 hours when I got home from hospital after having dd2 and then she stayed up that night feeding for SEVEN hours :weep
jen2 Posts: 3106
I think it's every mothers right to have a choice. I think if pressure is put on a new mum to BF and it doesn't work out, that mum can feel terrible guilt, that she is letting her baby down. Once a baby is fed & loved that's the most important thing. I BF mine, am expecting my 4th in June, but I know I won't be able to feed for long, as I will have to go back on my medication after baby is born, and can't BF on the meds. So might get to feed for 1 wk or 2 months etc I don't know until I'm told.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i would add the supplementing with formula makes it more difficult. i was adamant that there would be no supplementing this time and bf'ing is going much better.