A few tips on matching fashion Bridesmaid dress

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CarolineMiller Posts: 1
The difficulty of the bridesmaid dress is put the bridesmaid in a secondary position, but also makes the bridesmaid beautiful, but pretty & secondary is contradictory in the hearts of women. In fact, you can change the kind of perspective to think, on behalf of her bridal attire grand life into the next stage, more mature, and the bridesmaids should be young relative that reflects the hopes and expectations, two people are not in the same style. Select bridesmaid dress to consider three aspects: the wedding, the bride and herself. A wedding is what size, what is the most important topic. On the choice of Western-style wedding is a small dress. Or, as the movie " 27 Dresses " as the theme of the wedding too personality, Indian, Gothic, and Japan...... we should be treated differently, but in general this should need the bride to prepare bridesmaid dresses. Second, to see what the bride wore. In fact, most brides wear the style wedding dress, that is not too close to bridesmaid dress's style, and the bridesmaid dresses can not overshadowe bridal dress. The most popular choice is a solid knee dress, style more self-cultivation, but not too sexy. Length must be in the vicinity of the knee, the longest leg is not over, not too short, too short on exposure equal to the stunts. Relatively free choice of color can be white, but not more than the bride's wedding dress white, beige, champagne, silver is very elegant choice: pink, bright yellow, green and other bright colors more suitable for younger bridesmaids, sapphire blue, navy blue, wine red is more suitable for mature bridesmaids: little black dress at the wedding is not a panacea, and if the night is also suitable for indoor wedding, but with China 's traditional concept, the black is not a good idea. Also note that the simple and elegant as well, not too fancy, so that looks like a flower. Finally, it depends on your own preferences and body characteristics, is not lining color, there are no outstanding advantages, conceal shortcomings, buy clothes with their usual no different.
lucymiller236 Posts: 3
Why does this read like it was translated into English? and mention Chinese tradition? very confusing.