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Dbigday Posts: 44
As some of you may have seen yesterday.... I had major regrets over the colour of my bridesmaids and was even considering dying them. Well Panick over as I am putting it all down to pre-wedding nerves. I am now very much in love with the colour of the dresses and even better I have decided on flower colours and accessories all because of a tool I found. The link is below. It lets you "dress your wedding party and gives you an idea of how it will all turn out. Happy Dressing :wv
bride2be2013 Posts: 78
excellent thats very handy :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
princessB2B Posts: 354
I dont like how you have to choose if the girls are fat or skinny and not for the lads! Now my H2B looks great next to the fat bride :o0 plus its making me feel very very guilty for the crisps I just ate! Maybe I should stick a copy of this up on the fridge!