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Jolee Posts: 567
I posted this in another thread but my friend here says I should make it a topic! Hope it helps someone! It is just a kind alternative to buying babywipes just a tip re the wipes.. i used this and found it brilliant, a lot of my friends and even others in the wards took the idea too. Used it on both my babies and i'm ttc #3 now! Basically.. buy an airtight box (like those snap lid ones - just a small one iykwim) buy the roll of hospital quality cotton wool. cut the roll into palm sized squares. dip the squares into a bowl of water (can be previously boiled if you want, but no need) and squeeze them out. then start to tear layers off the cotton wool squares. You should get around 60 'wipes' per 4 strips of the wool. - Handy tip... add a dash of baby oil to the water before you dip in the squares, this gives a bit of moisture to the wipe. I always did this from day 1. Then you can put your homemade wipes into your airtight box and they wont dry out. Oh yeah - those zip-lock sandwich bags work as a 'container' too. So there ya go, cheap and very efficent and kind to skin wipes. And you dont need a sink handy. Trust me, after delivering your baby, then changing his/her nappy and you need to go to the sink to moisten your cotton wool... if the sink is 3 steps from your bed, it may as well be a million miles away!!!! you will be too tired, sore and not to mention you'll have the baby in your arms too! to even consider manipulating yourself out of the bed!! Good luck to you all in your pregnancies and labours and I hope to join ye soon. .... just read this back - oh lord I am a waffler!! takes a year to get my direction across... sorry! Hope you all understand! ha ha ha
Salander Posts: 1639
oooh that is a good tip - am off to find a small airtight container or ziplock bag! thanks! :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Great tip, thanks for that. *)
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Jolee great tip thanks. we are in the same boat you got married june o7 i got married july 07 your DS 1 is 7 my Ds 1 is nearly 7 your Ds 2 is 1 Mine is 14 months and we are also trying for baby no 3 Not sure if ou are intrested in that i taught it is spookey. Have you been ttc no 3 long. this is my 2nd month off the pill.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
great tip, one for the notebook!
Jolee Posts: 567
no probs girls. it is just that i still use these everyday and swear by them. all my friends use them too. Happie Mammie, that is crazy! Pretty cool too though. My DS1 is also only nearly 7, accidently put 7 down last week though! oops! must change that :-8 DS1 was 8th October 2002 DS2 was 4th May 2008 I am now on my 5th cycle TTC#3 :(, but sure hopefully something will happen this month. Did not think it would take this long. DS1 was a surprise and DS2 was conceived on my 2nd cycle. Am staying positive though. That really is spooky! we are like on the same path or something... eery!! ah ha ha :o0