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And why? Mine is Marrakesh in Morrocco. It just seems so colourful, alive and exotic. We were checking it out in the brochures last week and hopefully one day we will go. I just see myself in and out of all the colourful markets, eating yummy food and smelling all the different spices. Has always appealed to me.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Machu Pichu, in Peru. I would love to do the Inca Trail. I am absolutely fascinated by the ancient civilisations, I studied the Aztecs one time, and would love to learn more about Mayas and the Incas. That would be my absolute dream come true to go there.
I hope you get there one day TheOracle
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
matchu pitchu maldives south america (going to brazil & argentina on hm) a glacier africa iceland canada
theoracle Posts: 7664
Aww thanks Daisy, I hope so to. Maybe when the kids are older....and I have won the lottery! :o0
New Mrs Posts: 660
New York!!! Paris is off my list after H2B surprised me with a trip there over the summer!! We were hoping to go to NY for our honeymoon but it would be a lot of hassle getting someone to mind our 3 year old so were going off to spain for 10 days with our little darling. Fingers crossed we will get to go the easter after our wedding!!!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Mine is Peru too, really I love to go backpacking the whole of south America. I can't imagine a time when we'll be able to take off for 3 months to do it, bit its on the wish list!! China is the other place, I have an niece who is adopted from there, and I've heard so much about the country through the adoption experience, I love to see it myself. And I love to walk The Great Wall.
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
I'd love to see the northern lights, everytime I see the film 8 below I just want to go there.
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
The Taj Mahal, it just looks so beautiful! Would really like to go tiger trekking in india as well while I'm there!
Happily Ever After Posts: 547
Ah it has to be South Africa, as to why I wouldn't know where to start.... I think a Safari would be out of this world I've heard so many wonderful stories about the sunsets and night skies filled with stars... Ah one day!