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Chukles Posts: 672
Hi ya I am just back from Docs and all is confirmed :o)ll Booked my consultant and have an appointment with him on 17th Sept but do i have to book a scan myself or how does that work? I will be well over the 12 week mark by the time September comes I presumed the consultant talked to me about scans but now I am confused! Sorry for the silly question :-8
alton Posts: 3077
Best advice would be to ring back consultant and ask. It depends, I think, on what part of the country you're in, and whether you're public/ private etc. I'm on semi-p and got an appointment with consultant at 16 weeks (that was my 12 week app) and booked for a scan for week 22. The consultant just happens to have a mini-scanner in office but that's a bonus rather than a given when you're semi-p. From what I've heard most private cons have mini scanners, though you may still want to ask about booking a "big scan" as the equipment is more sensitive. If you're not entirely happy, you can also book your own private scan. m Mt Carmel, the Blackrock Clinic and the Charlemont Clinic all do these and it costs about €150-200. Or you can book a 3d/4d scan which isn't a medical scan but you'll get to see the baby.