A question regarding the dress shopping!

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augm2b Posts: 151
I have only just started looking for a dress..just been to two shops! The second shop I went to, I tried on a fabulous dress, love it, but they are having a sale this weekend, and say I need to put a deposit on it this week to secure it. Otherwise, they are unsure if I can order it in...even though its' meant to be a 2009 dress. Don't know whether I should go for it, but wedding isn't til next Oct, and would like to try a few more places! Don't want to regret the decision! The lady in the shop told me I should be buying now! What do ye think??? Thanks! :wv
the winner Posts: 4148
Really depends on make of the dress. is the designer in other shops? if they are then you will be able to order it again if you want it.. Id ring one of the other shops and ask them ...
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Sounds like she's desperate to secure the sale, can you check on the supplier website or mail them to find out if it is 2009 stock, if thats the case tell the lady in the shop thanks but you want to keep your options open. Unless your 100% sure this is your dress I wouldn't be bullied into buying it, if I went with the 1st dress I'd my eye on I'd be sorely disappointed & have taken very much a "lets go back later & try it on again" view point, sometimes I've found they're not as nice the next time
deda Posts: 1220
Sounds to me like they are very sneekily trying to push a sale.If you know the designer you could ring their headquarters and enquire about the availablity of the dress and are they discontinuing it anytime soon.
augm2b Posts: 151
Cheers for that..am keeping my options open and they told me I could order the dress again anyways!