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Venus Bride Posts: 456
Hi Girlies Sorry about the tmi, but Im just not sure what to be looking for. My gyne did a sweep yesterday and said I might get a show afterwards. Well, I was on knicker watch all night and checking during the night when I was up to the bathroom. Anyhoo nothing appeared. Then I went to the bathroom this morning around 11 and there was a gooey brownish tinged mucous. Is this the show ??? Also I havent had anymore of this show thing all day. Does a show last for longer than this or would it be right to just see it the once this morning ?? Thx girlies
chicam Posts: 1169
I wish I could answer ffrom experience Venus Bride but if it helps from what I've heard, that sounds like a show alright. I've heard that they don't always last for ages even though some can go on for hours. But like you, I'm sitting waiting on this thing to happen so if anyone who's actually had one could clarify... Hope you're feeling ok Venus Bride anyway!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Oh girls I'm so excited for ye!!! (sorry cant be of help)
kala Posts: 1937
venus bride thats def a show- i had several of them while in labour.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I only had one show and it was two hours before DS was born and I was well into labour. It was a huge huge lump of goo! Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McMummy Posts: 1041
Venus Bride I had a show which sounds like yours 32 hours before DS was born. I was expecting what Dairy Queen decribed so I wasn't really sure it was a show at all. Then I started bleeding so rang hospital and they told me to come in straight away. Got checked out but it was only a show even tho contractions had started I didn't go into labour for another day. Hope that helps.