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Bigleap Posts: 696
Hey, I'm just looking for some advice. This morning I think I had a show (TMI - just quite a bit of light brown mucus - not very stringy or bloody though). But nothing since. I had cramps in my back like period cramps on and off for most of last night. But nothing today. Does that sound like a show? Also, is it the sort of thing that you let your consulant or midwife know about? I'm not going to get my hopes up that things will get get started soon as a few days ago when the midwife could tell from an external examination that the babies head wasnt very far down yet. She said at a guess that she didnt think I would go for at least another week.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I think anything is definitely a good sign that things are shifting. I lost my plug in bits on the sun/mon before going into labour (waters went) on the weds. The plug is very jello like and can be in quite big lumps, anything from the size of a small coin to the size of an egg :eek (mine were all more coin sized). However I had quite a few strange signs as well, for example I vomited the morning I went into labour - just totally out of the blue. Listen to your body and hope you get to meet your baba soon! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Bigleap Posts: 696
Thanks pigwife. Not so much as a twinge since this morning so I am guessing I will be still here next week second guessing every sign :o0 But it might be a step in the right direction. So excited now!
lilygrace Posts: 195
I got increased discharge the week before I went into labour - which I kept thinking was my show, but when it did actually happen, it was exactly how they said it would be and there was no doubting what it was. That probably doesnt answer or clarify anything for you - but its true what they say "you will know when its happening!" Look out for the tingling in the legs, which is a sign of the head engaging. Good luck.
Bigleap Posts: 696
I'll watch out for that. I still dont feel like the babys head is very far down. I had some more brown discharge this evening but it definately wasnt stringy so I maybe it wasnt a show. Saying that I havent had anything like that for the whole of my pregnancy so it might be a slow start to things. Here's hoping!
ttcbaby2 Posts: 273
Hi bigleap I got the same as you it started a week before Ds was born and although I was on knocker watch for the mucus plug I never got it! It started for me with small amounts of brown discharge and only got it when I wiped then it got to a pinkey show - hope it all goes well for you fingers crossed x
La La Land Posts: 226
Hi Bigleap Nearly there now you must be so excited. I varies from person to person but mine happened when I was out walking, Now this is way TMI but it felt like a large glob of discharge in my knickers but weirdly it didn't feel wet like discharge usually would iykwim? Anyway when I went back home and checked I was shocked by how big it was,, It was really long and stringy TMI again but I'd say it would have stretched for several feet in length :eek - there was no mistaking it. Hope you won't have long left now