A swing band/Jazzie band or the normal wedding band?

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Tiernan Posts: 87
Hey all, What do you think of having a swing band at a weddings - 40's type music. I love the idea and so does my partner but worried that not all the old/young will be able to dance to it. Any thoughts? Thanks, x
glitterbug2008 Posts: 119
Hi We had similar worries about our wedding back in January - we had the Cafe Orchestra. We loved the music, but were concerned that people wouldnt be able to dance to it. Ended up that everyone loved it, and the floor was full all night . . . Would fully recommend going for something a bit different - especially if your friends and family are up for a laugh! GB x
tweetykar Posts: 220
we had a swing band and we worried a little too but there was no need as the floor was full all night! young and old were dancing! deffo recommend it. we booked Connor Mc Keon & The Legends of Swing, they were excellent!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
We had a fabulous jazz band, the velvet lounge, and they were enjoyed by all as it made for great background music even for the people who didn't want to dance - I love to dance myself but a lot of people don't, and I hate it when they are forced out by bands who "get everyone up on the floor" - but that's just imho
birdie Posts: 954
My brother had The Roaring Forties play at his wedding and the dance floor was jammers for the night, seemed to appeal to everyone!!
Callalily Posts: 325
Ooh I'm glad you said that pomegranate, I've just booked them for my wedding. I also wanted something a bit more jazzy or even Sinatra-style music, which is fairly timeless. Our families are mostly older so wanted something everyone would appreciate and I wanted to make sure that I'd get a band who will play absolutely no Joe Dolan or wee Daniel, under any circumstances!!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
You won't regret it, calalily - they are absolutely brilliant and so nice and professional to deal with. We were so impressed with them. Also saw the Roaring 40s at a wedding last year and they were wonderful as well.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
We had VLB as well and were very happy with their preformance.
Milliegaa Posts: 42
Delighted to hear the good feedback on the swing band option...we just booked Midnight swing at the weekend :o)ll