A very unusual guest - the four legged kind

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luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
Oh girls take a deep breath before reading this one ……….Has anyone considering bringing their four legged friend to the wedding. We have a black cocker, and would love to have her at our wedding. We have never left her in kennels and as both our families will be at the wedding we have nobody to mind her. Have I completely lost it? My sister just freaks when I mention it saying that dogs and wedding dresses just don’t mix?
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Sorry but no! I totally understand how you feell - we have two cats and in moments of utter delusional madness I have sat and tried to think of ways they could be there (one of them was even involved in my proposal from H2B in a round about sort of way!) but it so wouldn't work! Imagine the hassle of trying to keep a dog quiet and under control! You wouldn't enjoy your day as much
NemoFish Posts: 2501
I said no, but I am not a dog lover so probably could never understand why you would want a dog there. Who would look after it on the day? Is it well trained enough to sit still in the church for an hour? How do you make sure it won't jump on you and ruin your dress? Or chase your veil or something? And surely you can't bring it to the hotel?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I love my pets - well technically they're my mam's pets as I no longer live at home - but there is no way that I would have any of them at a wedding. It's not the place to have animals!
luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
Oh god I’d never dream of bringing a dog into a church. I should have specified it's just for the reception....i suppose I’m a bit sad really:-8 , it's just that she is such a huge part of our lives and I’ve nobody to look after her :-(
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Did you ask the hotel if this is allowed?
luckyinlove08 Posts: 305
You are all going to think I’m insane now - but we have been looking at dog friendly hotels (yes they do exist) ......... so it’s not a problem. Most places are not dog friendly, however if you are booking the venue out completely they have no problem with it as long as the dog is well behaved and house trained etc which our dog is.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I presumed you were only talking about the reception tbh :o0
blueswallow Posts: 1244
As a dog lover, I can certainly understand the sentiment, but don't think it's at all practical. Firstly, the hotel is unlikely to allow any animal other than a guide dog into an area where food is being served. We're having an onsite civil ceremony, but I doubt many people would consider it appropriate to have an animal in a church either. Furthermore, although our dog is so good at home, I reckon he'd go nuts with all the excitement of so many people and the general buzz of the place - or, worse, be totally overwhelmed by it all. For that reason, I think it's kinder to let him stay at home. He is a house dog and I'm usually home with him, but we have a large secure run we can put him in when we're both out for the day, so we'll leave him there with his toys! But we have yet to figure out who can look after him that evening as everyone we'd normally trust with him will, obviously, be at the wedding.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Sorry but I said no too. I don't have a dog but my parents do and, every so often, just to wind me up, they bring up the fact that Amy Marie (the dog) would make a great ring bearer!! As if it's not bad enough doing it in a Church here we're getting married abroad so it's totally impractical!!! I would also agree with one of the other B2B - would the hotel even agree to it?! I know a lot of them have a no animal policy (except in situations where guide dogs are needed). Also, if it was the reception you were thinking about - just think about the dancing part of the evening....would you just leave her wandering around? I understand where you're coming from but surely there's a neighbour or someone that you could leave her with? x