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lindy Posts: 1135
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so sorry about this need to get it off my chest, my cbm is so annoying at times,we are booked in for thursday and friday before wedding to get nails and toe nails done, but she decided to tell me that she is working and cant take the days off understandable!!!! so the girl thats doing all the nails told me to come early any time off the day and she will do her nails and toe nails on the same day... she said no to this she could only go on her own on the tuesday,but i told her that was to far away from the day they would nearly be a week old by then... ok then the girl doing the nails told me she has her booked in for the tuesday and that she wants glitter and the colour of bms dress on the bottom of her nails, but i think it will look ott and to much, im not paying for there nails they are, but i dont want that showing in photos, girl doing the nails said i was right its to ott for a wedding and for the dress they will be wearing..... so after all of that i got her on the phone and she said yeah she had no prob with friday as she doesnt work fridays[ after telling me she was working] the stress of it wasnt needed . i think she enjoys me running around after her.. ok I was out with my mam and dad and we bumped into cbm and her boyfriend and she asked me for some material of the dress i asked why and she said her boyfriend wants to get a waistcoat the same colour i said no way only best men will be matching bridesmaids,oh the face on her she wasnt impressed and she kept it up wanting me to take a pic of the dress to show him the colour [has a shine to the colour] well the next time she brought it up she said her and boyfriend wants to be matching that he doesnt look like a spa, but he will if he dresses like that... any advice its needed i dont know how ive kept my cool , but im trying to keep my distance at the min.. the next fitting is the 19th so god help me... she keeps asking me if she can take her dress off later that evening,i told her not until she is going to bed,i really dont know why she is acting this way but im so sick of it at the mo. do you think i have the right to tell her not to get her nails done that way, even if she is paying for them?? help and again im so sorry its long. lindy :o( altogether i have 3 bms and she is the only one causing probs the other 2 are brill and they ring to see if i need anything done and i havent asked her for anything only fitting and trials as expected..... :o( O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:|
Dee71 Posts: 412
Oh Lindy - my heart goes out to you. Sorry for your trouble. Anyway, my first impression is what a fool her boyf is - surely he can see if he dresses in matching colours to her that he will look foolish esp when he is not a member of the wedding party. I wonder who makes the decisions there .... As for the cbm, I don't know what to say. Does she not realise that painting the nails the same colour as the dresses may look at bit daft adn OTT. Did you tell her this or is she one of these people that will not listen anyway. I think she should say it to the beautican and ask her to say something. And has she considered that the day after the wedding she will look fair silly with nails the colour of the BM dresses - she won't be matching then!!! :o0
lindy Posts: 1135
Thanks dee You might aswell speak to the wall ive said it to her 3 times about the tips of her nails and about the waistcoat , its like im going in circles with her ,its doing my head in. well she wont be getting her tips done i already told the beautican and she agreed with me it wouldnt suit.. O:| O:| O:| O:|
gerbil Posts: 3528
well done :) getting the beautician on side is the right way to go, she will probably be able to persuade your CBM not to do it ! I agree it sounds OTT and unsuitable. Try not to stress though. The attention will be on YOU on your wedding day, and that's the problem imo - you have a CBM with a touch of the green eyed monster about her :hic Definitintely put your foot down about the Boyfriend, what a twat wearing the wedding party colours! Sadly they both sound rude....Anyway, don;t you worry. As long as you look fab, and have a brilliant day let the silly moo fume :) Don;t stress yourself over it :)
Mrs NoDateYet Posts: 288
Sorry but I think YOU are being way out of line. Your bridesmaids are paying for their own nails but you want to dictate what colour etc they get done??? Does it really make that much of a difference? They will not show up in photos. The only possibility of anyones manicure showing up in photos is yours. You'll be wearing the wedding ring!!!! Ok I do think its a bit odd the boyfriend wanting to match her but I do think you are way over reacting. As for not being allowed take the dress off...sure once the photos are over who cares what she wears? I wouldn't! but having said that I'm already married and had the most amazing wedding day. I got stressed beforehand over little things and only looking back can I now say how little they were! Enjoy the run up to your day and relax a bit. Consider your bridesmaid doing you a favour not the other way round. Alot of people seem to view their bridesmaids as their slaves...they are your nearest friends that you want to share your special day with.
............ Posts: 776
I had a couple of probs in the run up to myday also, niggeldy things that seemed huge at the time. So I rang her and she came over and we had a chat. i asked her straight out if she still wanted to be the BM. She said yes. I think that kind of put things right. You have to remember it is your day (and H2B) You are paying thousands for it, so your day your way is my motto. As for paying/not paying for nails...........that is completely a personal choice, and it is not our place to disagree with. Have a word, just the 2 of ye, and if you have to get rid, do it. Hope it goes well. PS; I think the nails would look kinds tacky......its a wedding, not a teenage disco!
Youagain Posts: 576
[quote="woller2007":1z9yv2s5] i asked her straight out if she still wanted to be the BM. She said yes. I think that kind of put things right. You have to remember it is your day (and H2B) You are paying thousands for it, so your day your way is my motto. As for paying/not paying for nails...........that is completely a personal choice, and it is not our place to disagree with. [/quote:1z9yv2s5] Couldn't agree more. I had the same probs. In the end I asked the CBM if she wanted in or out. She chose to step down. It was such a relief to be honest as I knew it was just going to get worse and worse closer to the day. Your CBM sounds just plain difficult. I disagree with other posters saying you are out of line. You are very much correct here. It's your wedding and what you're asking is just for a little co-operation. Could that really be so hard ! Ask her to consider if she really wants to do this.. I would expect she'll come round then. If she doesn't and steps down then from the sounds of it you'll have alot less stress. :wv This is all supposed to be fun, with your BM's helping by being part of this, and sharing in the buildup and excitement with you. She is just stressing you out !
gerbil Posts: 3528
I do agree with the last two posters - it's hardly out of line to ask people to consider your feelings ! it's your wedding. I would understand if the CBM was being asked to do something unreasonable; but she just sounds plain oldfashioned rude imo ;)
darkie27 Posts: 1449
Tell her to cop on...... its your wedding so really its not up to her O:|
bbbride Posts: 664
I think you are right. My wedding isnt till next year and my BM is driving me mad. Ya the nails would be tacky, but if she insists on them just say you will pay to keep the peace. And dont agree that you wont see them, they will be around the bouquet and as my BM's are wearing short dresses with strappy sandals, their toe nails will have to be done. Feel for you, her BF is mad thinking he is gonna match the bestman.