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barbaraann Posts: 1500
TURN OFF THE RAIN ..... I know, I'm shouting, but Mother of God, going by the thick heavy clouds coming in over my house at the moment, we are in for one hell of a night again :eek :eek and I wouldn't mind but it was glorious here today I presume it's the same all over. O:| O:|
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
Yep .. same here. Its so annoying
barbaraann Posts: 1500
[quote:311ihj67]I've benished them to the outdoors for the morning to take advantage of the weather while they can[/quote:311ihj67] BouncyL that's precisely what I've done today. Fab at the moment here, but I know later that will change. All I'm hoping is that next week - last week of school hols - that it might improve. think I might chance putting the washing out on the line - which is how I measure a good day :o0 sad or what :-8