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jellywellies Posts: 2268
Hey guys - I'm wondering if someone (without going oh my word shes blonde) can someone tell what all the abbreviations stand for .... I think I get some of them and then maybe I don't!! lol!!
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
[color=indigo:1npo5u5n]I was the sam when I started, I was defo a blonde :o0 Here are some hth = hope that helps H2B = Husband to Be FMIL = Future Mother in Law FFIL - Future Father in Law DS = Darling Son (I think) DD = Darling Daughter (I think) BM = Bridesmaids / Best man GM = Groomsman IYKWIM = If you know what I mean WTF = What the Fcuk :o0 [/color:1npo5u5n]
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
[color=indigo:3ucuoj6p]Some more: lol - laughing out loud lmfao - laughing my f**king a*s off imo - in my opinion BTW...By the way. OP...Original post/poster OT...Off Topic TMI...Too Much Information TBH - to be honest ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing FSIL = Future Sister in Law[/color:3ucuoj6p]
ms organised Posts: 1069
Anyone know what OH is? :-8
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
OH is other half I thinks
panda_bear Posts: 342
I was stuck on AF, then it clicked! Aunt Flo!