Abnormal Shaped Uterus

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expecting! Posts: 14
Hi all, Ive had my first scan and all looked great, Im 18 weeks pregnant and over the moon. However, my consultant then informed me that previous tests I had done had shown an abnormal shaped uterus. He called it an arcuate uterus. This means that there is a possiblity that I may not be able to carry to full tem as there may not be enough room for the baby to grow. I asked what the chances of premature birth are and he answered he didnt know & cant predict. they are bringing me back in at 24 weeks to give me steriods for the babys lungs to mature quicker in the event of a premature birth!!! The whole thing is freaking me out and diffclt to put to the back of my mind. So my question is: has this happened to anyone before or does anybody have any experience of this?
mammy99 Posts: 7
Hello Expecting, Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. And I am sorry that you have this worry. I dont have experience personally with your abnormality. However I am part of a group on yahoo called Mullerian Anomalies that will have information for you. Not sure if this is the correct link - or else you could try putting it into yahoo.com search and I'm sure it will come up http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Mu ... =360081179 The group is based in the US where they seem to have lots of specialists in this area and its been really useful for me. I have a bicornuate uterus with a partial septum which seems to have much the same 'possible' complications. But, I would say that you seem to have a great consultant who is taking it seriously and doing all the right things. I'd be very interested in knowing who you are seeing. Best of luck with your pregnancy.
expecting! Posts: 14
Hi Mammy99, Thank you so much for your response. I looked at that site briefly and Id say it must be a bicornate uterus I have also as the doc drew a diagram for me and it looked just like that. I cant seem to find much about arcuate uterus so must be another word for it. I am seeing Dr. Gubarra in Galway. As this is my first baby, its all very new to me. How are you getting on? What stage are you at?
nea dude Posts: 749
Congratulations on your wonderful news. Don't worry too much, you can try to carry the baby as far along as you can and then hopefully everything will be ok. My mother was told the same as you after she had me. Her doctor told her she wasn't to try to have any more children. She didn't and was very upset about this. Anyway, 10 years down the line when she thought she was starting menopause, she found out she was actually pregnant. Her doctor told her she was silly for getting pregnant and would not carry to full term. Glad to report I now have a wonderful sister, who is 17 and my mother even went over her due date and had a natural birth! You don't know how your body will adjust during the pregnancy and there is so much advanced technology to help us now. I wish you the very best and fingers crossed that you'll be successful. :thnk
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
My friend has a heart shaped uterus and her baby was up in the corner of it, and so she delivered prem, but it all worked out fine, he's a strapping young brat now!
expecting! Posts: 14
Thank you for your replies Ladies. I think I was in such shock when the doc told me that I prob didnt ask enough questions. I have a GP app in 2 weeks so will ask her all then. I think it would make sense if I found out if the abnormaility is mild or severe.
mammy99 Posts: 7
Hi, If you have a bicornuate uterus then your chances of having a healthy pregnancy are pretty good. Fortunately it is the least 'severe' of the mullerian abnormalities that you can get. The highest risk is that you will have a breech or transverse presentation and need a c-section. Although going early is a risk and you should watch out for early signs of labour. I myself have a lovely dd who was born by c-section at full term last year. Infact I'm sure if alowed I would have gone well over. And this despite her being breech from 27 weeks! From that point on it felt like she had run out of room (my womb felt 'full' if that makes sense) but she still stayed in there till 40 weeks. Currently I am 15+3 weeks pregnant on baby no2 so not too far behind you. I know its really difficult not to worry, but it does really sound like you have a consultant who understands the risks and is doing all the right things to ensure you have a healthy baby.