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Sphynx Posts: 6795
[quote="Ducky":1tuji8xm] I'd say the thrush is what shagged yours, don't you worry. And mind yourself, you sound a bit run-down. Or pg?????[/quote:1tuji8xm] Thanks Ducky! That's sweet! Unfortunately think it's run down - purely through working crazy hours. That's going to go on till end of the month. So would be v. surprised to get a BFP but at least my mind is kept occupied with other things! Thanks so much for all the replies girls - I feel much better about things now. :xxx to all of you!
mrsd06 Posts: 52
Hi There, New to the Forum, have been reading for a while and would like to join in on some of the topics. Hi BlackCat, I had an abnormal smear last year. There are 3 levels called Cin1, Cin2 and Cin3. 1 being nothing to worry about and 2 and 3 needing investigation. I had Cin2. I can understand how you felt 'cos I though the worst and was very upset. Anyhow went to the Colposcopy clinic and they took a biopsy. Got called back a few weeks later because the biopsy was abnormal. They gave me a local anaesthetic and removed the abnormal cells. I went back a few months after that for a smear test and just got letter in door saying everything was clear. I have another appointment in April for a smear test but I will have to postpone that as I am not 14/4 weeks pregnant. Anyhow, It is nothing to worry about as they are being overly cautious and it's good to know that the smear tests are not in vain. I can't believe the amount of people who have never even had one. Hope I haven't freaked you out.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Thanks MrsD06! No you didn't freak me out at all. It's great to know that something can be done if there is a problem. Glad all worked out for you - and congrats on the babs! :o)ll