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sjp2010 Posts: 238
I am looking for ideas on where to go abroad for xmas? Sick of xmas day and the usual crap weather we get.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
The Travel Department do Christmas away breaks - Egypt, Malta, Italy etc!
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Cape Town - middle of their summer, beautiful city, lots to do!
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
I know you said you're sick of our crap weather but would you think about going skiing? We did it one year for Christmas and had such a great time. Only 4 of us went but Id say if you had a bigger group it would have been better. And other countries are able to handle the snow so you dont get stranded like you do here.
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
You could always book your own flights with Aer Lingus or Ryaanir and then hotel/apts? My auntie and uncle went 3yrs in a row to Spain (not fantastic weather about 16 degrees) but loved it and then their youngest begged to stay at home for a year coz he couldnt remember a Christmas at home so the last 2yrs they have been home though last year really wanted to go so id say they may go this year again! My cousin is 23 and hates Christmas at home after being away for it however i love it here! Love, love, love Christmas but would love to go away Stephens Day ....oh to win the lotto!
paperclips Posts: 3146
We usually go on a city break after xmas so we can enjoy xmas day, st stephens day here and then we head off somewhere for New Years Eve. We havent gone the last two years because the weather has been so bad and we havent been able to travel to airports because of the road conditions. The majority of places in Europe will have similar weather to here. I love getting away over xmas and seeing other cities and their decorations and lights!
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
skiing... its brillant at xmas... we go every year :o)ll Austria is excellent .... :heartbeat:
ianstuart Posts: 1947
[quote="SaraD08":12p9qx6x]skiing... its brillant at xmas... we go every year :o)ll Austria is excellent .... :heartbeat:[/quote:12p9qx6x] I have only been skiing once and i loved it , it would be great to go away over xmas.
lovemybed Posts: 44
Sara D we want to go skiing on Christmas Eve this year and havent a clue where to go, do you go to the same place every year or do you have a fav resort hotel? I've no idea where would have snow for Xmas, any tips? they'll just be two of us so need a lively place ski in ski out resort and snow! small transfer and not too expensive. desparate to book at this stage! thanks so much for your advise