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walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Just back from the hospital where I went to check out a possible water break. Don't appear to be in labour but am contracting every 10 mins, just mildly so probably on my way.. head 2/5 engaged Anyway, while I'm there the midwife keeps asking me whether I had itchy hands and feet. I said not so much now, seems to have cleared up. I'd had severe itching from about week 10 to week 33, sometimes being completely unable to sleep... itching in pregnancy can be a sign of a serious liver disorder called obstetric cholestasis, which carries an increased risk of premature birth, fetal distress and stillbirth as well as higher risks of haemmorhaging for the mother.. however, as I told the midwife I was tested TWICE for this and given the all clear. Just before I leave, the midwife comes and says to me that she's had a look at my test results and BOTH tests indicated that I had increased bile acids, consistent with OC - in June and in August. No one thought to tell me this, of course. So essentially, I had the features of OC – intense itching and raised bile acids.. and was never treated. When mums have OC, their babies are supposed to be delivered early to prevent the risk of stillbirth. I know my baby is okay today but I am now absolutely freaking.. I can’t describe it. My head is pounding. My grandmother and aunt had stillbirths and it is the thing I am most scared of in all the world, have stressed SO much about it during pregnancy and now here I am thinking that my risk is higher because I wasn’t treated for this thing. Keep trying to calm myself by telling myself that the itching reduced so maybe the OC cured itself? Can’t find anything useful online and too stressed to look into it in any detail because I keep coming across ‘stillbirth’ and ‘fetal distress’. I have to ring back in the morning to see about MORE blood tests.. BUT the results for repeat bile acid test for OC won’t be in for nearly 10 days! So what bloody use is that? God I am freaked out!
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Jeez mrsbean, that's awful - I've no experience of pregnancy so don't know what else to say to you. Could they induce you? As stupid as I sound saying this but try to stay calm, not good for you to be up to 90!
Wild Child Posts: 1694
God the hospital really have a lot to answer for the neglegance is amazing!!! I really hope everything will be ok for you and your baby hopefully you go into labour tonight and you are holding your little one by tommorow morning! Thinking of you and sending loads of :lvs
theoracle Posts: 7664
mrsbean, please try to remain calm. I had OC on dd2 and it wasn't treated, just monitored (scan every 2 weeks + bloods). It also cleared up by itself, once the itching was gone, my blood levels also went down and I had my dd2 at 40+3 normal delivery and there wasn't a thing wrong with her. I know quite a few ladies here on the forum who had it and all their babies were delivered safely. When I did have OC, other changes that occur and to look out for is bilirubine in the urine - effectively making your urine looking a lucosade colour (bright orange), and also undigested bilirubine in the poo making it appear yellow in colour rather than brown. I hope this helps. Pls ask anything, if I can I will help with any other info. I would, once you have calmed down, consider writing a letter of complaint regarding this - there must be a serious loophole somewhere in the process when nobody checked these results before.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Thanks hu101.. I didn't realise you'd had it. Did you have treatment with UA? I kind of wish the m/w hadn't told me although it was very professional of her to do so. It's just not what you need to hear on the eve of your due date! And after the m/w saying how perfect my blood pressure was and everything! Doubt she'd find the same now! I am not as symptomatic as before so I guess that's a good sign, couldn't find anything about this being possible online. It just shakes you when you think the professionals have it all under control and you realise they've not done what they should have done.. you want to have total trust in them, I guess. Come on baby, get out of there!
theoracle Posts: 7664
Sorry, not sure what UA is? When I was pregnant with dd2 I had a very bad infection of some sort - which caused me to be unable to swallow and I had to go to hospital and be hooked to a drip for 3 days as I couldn't eat or drink and was on 2 anti-biotics through IV. I reckon the fact that my body was overloaded that way and there wasn't enough fluids in my body caused the liver to pack in a bit. It is possible for it to go away tho by its own accord, which happened to me, it just went completely and so did the itchiness. I hope baba decides to make an apperance for you! Good luck!
cheerio Posts: 275
God mrsbean that's terrible that you are only being told about this now. However, it sounds like this midwife is really excellent, so I would comfort myself by saying if she thought there was any real risk to baba at this point she would have you whipped in for induction/section quicker than you could think. Saying a wee prayer for ya now, I know how it feels to be waiting around :wv
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Mrs Bean that is just terrible for you. I'm sure all will be ok thankfully but the system in Ireland seems like an absolute disgrace. I thank my lucky stars I am in England and have the NHS. Someone else on this forum the other day had an infection that wasn't treated in pregnancy too. I just think it's disgraceful. they have pregnant women tormented about swine flu worries and then they miss the basics. I would be making an official complaint if I was you. Anyway hope you are doing ok now and they treat you like a VIP from now on. :wv
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
How you today mrsbean?
Ivy F Posts: 2023
That must have been an awful shock, Mrs. Bean, but as Hu101 says, as long as your symptoms have disappeared & babs is fine, that's the most important thing. All the waiting around must be driving you bonkers too. :xxx :xxx :xxx