Accomodation for bridal party

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DipDab Posts: 1172
Hi Folks, We are hoping to finalise our venue for the wedding this week. We're both from Dublin and the wedding is in Dublin. We had not planned to pay for accomodation for any of the bridal party as they are all from Dublin also and so could go home if they wanted. For the night before the wedding we'll be staying with each of our parents and won't be in the hotel. However, one of my bridesmaids made an indirect comment to me the other day basically saying that she would expect me to pay for accomodation for her. Would this be normal? We haven't budgeted for it and it would be a big expense to pay for accomodation for bridesmaids and groomsmen. It really hadn't occured to me at all so I was just wondering what the norm is?
candypants Posts: 8575
Definately not!! I wont be doing it! I did BM for my sis and she didnt pay. H2b done best man for a wedding to and they didnt pay either. If its in your budget then thats a personal choice. Its only more added expenses you dont need. Were getting rooms for both our parents. But thats it!
discounter Posts: 441
It's not the norm - I have seen some Wollies saying they are doing it but not out of necessity, just because they want to. I am having 4 BMs and 4 GMs and none of them are couples so NO WAY am I paying :o0 Just tell her unfortunately it's not in your budget to pay for her accommodation.
ozypozy Posts: 2950
It's up to the individual, most of our BM and GM were in a relationship so we paid for half the accommodation; i.e. their partner paid for themselves. It cost us over €500 to pay for theirs and our parents, and it's not appreciated! So my advice is if they can go home easily,let them and don't be pressured to doing what they expect.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Hiya, this has come up a lot here. No you absolutley shouldnt have to pay for her room. I'd send her an email saying that a few years ago this was the done thing, but nowadays its very uncommon to pay for the bridal parties rooms.
candypants Posts: 8575
Also im sure they're been giving plenty of time to get the money up if they wish to stay anyway.
sharmon Posts: 437
Were paying for all of our wedding party & their partners to stay in the hotel the night of the wedding, it's been done for me before when I was BM. Though it's not the norm these days......
Sinalei Posts: 406
We aren't paying for accomodation for the bridal party and no one is expecting it at all! You could always comment that in the US and Australia it is considered such an honor to be asked to be BM that the BM pays for her dress >:o)
DipDab Posts: 1172
Thanks for all the responses!
kerryqueen Posts: 37
I dont think you should be made feel guilty by not providing accommadition for your bridal party. In these pressing time your bm should be a little understanding. She needs to ask her self if it was her wedding what would she be spending her hard earned cash on? My bridal party have approached us by saying they will pay half for their rooms, because they all nearly have partners and children , and also we are having a huge wedding app 380 for dinner. All my bridal party are married or planning their own so they know how quickly everything add up on the final bill. We offered to pay for our bridal party because the reception is about 1.5 hrs from there homes and it would be practically impossible for them to travel home, seeing that they all live in South Kerry. Dublin is a different story completly where you have alot of public transport and taxis available . Best of Luck