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Sheep Posts: 626
Who has done this course? Can you tell me if it was very religious? I'm just wondering cause I'm not Catholic and I'm wondering if it's going to be really uncomfortable for me. The woman who booked us in is aware that I'm not a Catholic.
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
Its not very religious at all. Im half way through the course at the moment and some people there are not catholic. I think a priest comes in on the last day for a short while but hes not there to try and change your religion or anything! You'll be fine.
Sheep Posts: 626
Thanks moyra-sausage. You've put my mind at rest. I don't want to be the only non-Catholic there and feel like a total outsider. :thnk
Éabhasmammy! Posts: 96
We did ours at the end of August, just the one day tho. Ours wasn't religious at all and I have to say quite bearable!! we were dreading it and afterwards myself and H2B couldn't believe how well the day actually went! pleasant surprise.
jimmyA Posts: 131
I am no where near religious, but I found it very interesting and makes you actually think about the relationship more than the "wedding" which i think is very important, I thought the course was excellent, and even the priest was funny, interesting and understanding (ours was in Tuam). He opened by saying thanks for getting married, in this day and age there was no need to, and the fact that we were was wonderful, which i thought was very nice...... Go with an open mind, and you will enjoy it (and we got a fantastic lunch as well:-)
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
I did the one in Templeogue, it was very good actually, a bit of religion but what do you expect since your getting married in a Catholic church, however is was mainly about home life, your H2B, the future and the past.
05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Hi Eabhasmammy, where did yuo do the 1 day one?
Sheep Posts: 626
Ours is a Friday evening and all day Saturday and we're doing it in Dublin.
Éabhasmammy! Posts: 96
05/09 Bride, We did ours in Navan, one day, a Saturday from 9 till 6. Lunch in between for an hour (which is provided) and actually we finished at about 5.15. Plus two candles at the end! nich touch. HTH O-O
funkyfish Posts: 7626
we did ours last sat it was fine