Accupuncture recommendations for MS?

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mamabelle Posts: 1101
OK I'm a wimp but I cannot deal with the constant nausea and intermittent puking anymore. I'm only at Week 7 but have been constantly nauseous from Week 4 and puking since Week 5. I can't eat anything without feeling worse. The smell of brown bread made me retch today! This is my 4th child and never experienced this on any of the others. Spoilt - I know! Have tried travel bands, ginger everything, fruit/herbal teas, eating a little and often, eating bland food - > Nothing has given me relief. I'm not enjoying one minute of this pregnancy. I have the shakes - dizzy everytime I stand up. Crap form so my little ones are suffering too, my DH is ready to kill me and I've missed time off work. Can anyone recommend an accupuncturist based in Dublin that might be able to sort me out? Many thanks MB
OrTees Posts: 907
Hi mamabelle, I can somewhat understand how you feel as I have a very close friend who has suffered badly with morning sickness on both her pregnancies. I see an acupuncturist for my back and she also treats MS and got it herself for MS. She is based in Swords so not sure if that's close to you. PM me if you would like her details. I hope you get relief soon.
safari girl Posts: 309
I see a great lady in Clontarf. Again, not sure if that'd be handy for you, but pm me if you'd like her details. :wv